Expo NG, Swanley, 25 October 2014, Part 1
Nov 16, 2014Public
Photo: 001 A traditional opening snap of the main hall taken from the far left corner from the entrance, teetering high on a chair above Peter Blackham’s transfers stand !
Photo: 002 You don’t often get an opportunity to see the whole of the practice hall, so here it is for a change !
Photo: 003 In addition to the main and practice halls, 3 of the squash courts in the leisure centre were used for the show, here is the first of them with Smalspoor Netherlands immediately below me and on the other side of the room, Corris Railway Society and Tebee Models – Tom Bell’s growing range of 3D printed locomotive and rolling stock bodies which he brought over from his home in France .
Photo: 004 The 2nd squash court was rather sparsely populated by the British Overseas Historical Railway Trust, James Coldicott and the SNCF Society .
Photo: 005 Whilst the 3rd of the squash courts housed the famous 009 Society sales, shown here with the volunteer 1st shift assembled with Sales Officer Brian Guilmant before opening time .
Photo: 006 And here is the 009 Society sales a little later in the day. Sales staff still look relatively fresh and nobody is fighting over bargains on the customer side of the tables so it must still be early in the day! Brian Guilmant reported another year of record sales figures with demand far outstripping supply in some areas. NG Modelling is certainly popular and healthy !
Photo: 007 Out in the main hall, the 7mm NG Association also photographed in full swing. I didn’t manage to get to ask the sales team how the day went, but they certainly appeared to be very busy throughout the event .
Photo: 008 Also in the main hall, the Sussex Downs Group of the 009 Society set up their traditional ExpoNG 009 Society publicity and modelling demonstration stand. Here are Phil Savage and Michael Campbell .
Photo: 009 Whilst panning the camera to the left from the previous photo found Tim Sanderson, Paul Davies and Martin Colllins in the camera’s viewfinder .
Photo: 010 The splendid Sussex Downs Group display case and demonstration layout on the 009 Society publicity stand .
Photo: 011 A superb display of models presented mainly by members of the 009 Society Sussex Downs Group with some of Ted Polet’s models on the top shelf, representing the Dutch Group .
Photo: 012 I believe this very attractive Eggerbahn steam railmotor that has been rebuilt onto one of the new Minitrains 0-4-0 chassis and given some detailing and a repaint is the work of Tim Sanderson .
Photo: 013 I always try to cover a small selection of the many specialist traders who attend ExpoNG. None more fitting this year than the Narrow Planet company which started under Steve Fulljames with bespoke etched nameplates and is now fast expanding with a growing range of 3D printed and etched brass/nickel silver 009 loco and rolling stock kits. Steve with friends and associates (left to right): Rob Kazmarczyk, Steve, James Hilton, Jon Reeves, Tom Dauben and Andy Hooper .
Photo: 014 Some of the new 3D printed locomotives just released or coming soon from Narrow Planet .
Photo: 015 Some more under development models for future release by Narrow Planet .
Photo: 016 A splendid display of locomotives by James Hilton and Tim Ellis that was featured on the Narrow Planet stand .
Photo: 017 In the centre is an Orenstein & Koppel freelance 40hp loco body, released by Narrow Planet at ExpoNG, designed to fit on to the Minitrains Krauss 0-4-0 chassis, and flanking it are (left) an O&K 20hp loco and (right) Bredgar & Wormshill O&K “Eigiau” by James Hilton and Tim Ellis respectively .
Photo: 018 A better view of Tim Ellis’s superb model of Bredgar & Wormshill Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0WT Eigiau using the new Narrow Planet O&K 40hp loco kit as a basis. Eigiau and several other O&K industrial loco varieties are shortly to be released as separate Narrow Planet kits and should prove to be very popular additions to the commercially available locomotives in 009 .
Photo: 019 Another regularly attending trader deserving special mention this year is Minimum Gauge Models, with proprietor Allen Law’s associate Andy Greenslade posing proundly here with his newly release 7mm NG Association book “Going Minimum Gauge” .
Photo: 020 A tempting display of 7mm scale 09 etched brass loco and rollingstock body kits available from Minimum Gauge Models .
Photo: 021 A closer view of some of the Minimum Gauge Models 09 kits .
Photo: 022 And some more of the fascinating and attractive 09 Minimum Gauge Models range. The yellow Simplex loco in the centre of the middle shelf is a highly modified Wrightlines 0-16.5 model that has been made into an 09 loco by Andy Greenslade .
Photo: 023 The attractive little 4mm scale diorama on the Darjeeling and Himalaya Railway Society stand .
Photo: 024 A superb model of the D&HR Garratt loco made, I think, from a highly detailed Backwoods Miniatures kit, on the Darjeeling and Himalaya Railway Society 009 diorama .