Beds & Bucks NG Modellers Members Open Day, Barton Le Clay, 26 January 2014
Apr 1, 2014Public
Photo: 001 The village hall in full flow during the morning .
Photo: 002 A view of the main hall from the opposite end of the room .
Photo: 003 “The 5 star catering team were hard at it all day providing a never ending queue with fried sausage baps and loads of other super goodies……..” Are you in the photo ?
Photo: 004 The catering team official photo – early in the day while they were still smiling! Left to right: Myra, Terri, Shelby, Michelle .
Photo: 005 Brian Guilmant briefs Ian Turner on strategy before the 009 Society opens for business whilst Lee Bryant has a quick rummage before the crowds arrive .
Photo: 006 Chris Ward was present with his well known and very well stocked range of CWR 3D printed models .
Photo: 007	Meridian Models were also present with a comprehensive sales stand .
Photo: 008 John Sutton provided a good range of books for those who are still able to read words on paper and don’t depend on electronic gadgets !
Photo: 009 Tools and electrical stuff were very well supplied by 12 Volts DC .
Photo: 010 The nearby Leighton Buzzard NG Railway, which has a number of members amongst the Beds & Bucks NGM team, also laid on a publicity stand .
Photo: 011	On to the layouts! First, a new one for me and an interesting comparison with a well known model of the same Festiniog station but in an earlier period by Angus Watkins, we come to Tanybwlch, a preservation era layout by Nigel Smith .
Photo: 012 A whole layout view of Nigel Smith’s Tanybwlch, which is instantly recognisable to all who have any familiarity with the full size station on the Festiniog Railway .
Photo: 013 Overhead view of the S bend through he station area at Tanybwlch .
Photo: 014 Where Angus Watkins model of the same station features figures in 1900’s costume, Nigel Smith’s model is populated with modern tourist figures which makes quite a colourful contrast .
Photo: 015 One of the Festiniog England 0-4-0ST locos, Welsh Pony, rests between duties in the headshunt at Tanybwlch .
Photo: 016 A rather better, 1:76 scale eye level view of Welsh Pony in the headshunt .
Photo: 017 And another view, in order to show that there was no mistake in identifying which of the England locos this one is !
Photo: 018 Ex Penrhyn loco Linda departs from Tanybwlch on an up passenger service .
Photo: 019 Linda makes a fine sight as she gets away on the passenger service .
Photo: 020 Nigel has cleverly extended the scenic section “around the bend” as the line returns to the fiddle yard on his model of Tanybwlch .
Photo: 021 Beds & Bucks NGM members Dawn Figg and son, Danny are regular participants at Barton Le Clay and also at both ExpoNG and NG SouthWest with their fascinating range of micro layouts and competition entries .
Photo: 022 Danny built this tiny little working incline as a school project to build an animated model. I think he succeeded very well indeed, do you agree ?
Photo: 023 New Haycock Wood Drift Mine, a hand powered 009 “layout” by Danny Figg .
Photo: 023 New Haycock Wood Drift Mine, a hand powered 009 “layout” by Danny Figg .