009 Society AGM and NG Show, Rainford, St Helens, 18 April 2015
May 25, 2015Public
Photo: 001 The main hall just after opening time at 10.30 ,
Photo: 002 The smaller of the two in the parish halls contained traders, societies and much needed relief seating! .
Photo: 003 The corridor alongside the main hall made a very suitable venue for sampling bacon toasties and cakes! .
Photo: 004 The all important Rainford ladies refreshments team busily preparing for the rush that was about to take place .
Photo: 005 Before releasing the cake selection for general consumption, I felt obliged to conduct a culinary assessment on the coffee cake, shown incomplete on the bottom shelf. Verdict – 5 stars again! .
Photo: 006 No photos taken of either the Scout or the Guide halls, except for this one in the Guide hall where at 1pm sharp the formal business of the day got underway. Here is the 009 Society Board of Directors at the start of the meeting (I lost concentration after this……..), Left to right: Geoff Bowyer – Treasurer, Alan Rolfe - Membership Secretary, David Gander – Chairman, Charlie Insley – Secretary, Steve Fulljames – 009 News Production Editor, standing in for Contents Editor Tom Dauben, last seen somewhere in Europe on the day of the meeting
Photo: 007 Focus on some of the traders: Here is Neville Kent with his N-Drive Productions .
Photo: 008 John Wooden (in the check shirt) brought a selection of goods from the Festiniog Railway shop and is helped out here by shop assistant for the day, Peter Kirkby .
Photo: 009 Andy Greenslade appears regularly at shows with Allen Law’s very popular Minimum Gauge Models stand, with mainly 09 range of miniature and “minimum gauge” loco and rolling stock kits .
Photo: 010 Dan and Dominic Wells with their Fourdees Models stand, showing a very tempting foretaste of locomotive models being prepared for release in the near future .
Photo: 011 Tom Bell and Bai Qiong (I hope I have spelled this correctly!) came all the way from France with Tom’s prolific range of 3D NG models that he markets as Tebee Models through Shapeways .
Photo: 012 Paul Windle had to find his own table to set up shop in and made the wise decision to requisition a table in the refreshments area! .
Photo: 013 The 009 Society sales table with scrum surrounding it. Some well known modellers spotted in this photo – can you identify them? .
Photo: 014 The 7mm NG Association attended with a very well presented modelling goods, publications and publicity display .
Photo: 015 7mm NGA Chairman, Neil Smith, looks as if he is enjoying the day very much! .
Photo: 016 I didn’t manage to individually photograph the competition winners or their models, so next best thing is to reproduce the winners and runners up list here and to invite you to enjoy the next few photos which contain images of just about all the many models that were placed in the 3 display cases ably managed by Garry Whiting – including the winners! .
Photo: 017 Display photo 1. Paul Titmuss’s super Billard railcar is the red and cream vehicle at the back .
Photo: 018 Display photo 2. Bob Vaughan’s box tank loco is hiding away behind the Knightwing diesel mod .
Photo: 019 Display photo 3. David Lowe’s Queensland sugar cane Fowler loco alongside Peter Dale’s metre gauge French rolling stock .
Photo: 020 Display photo 4. Another shot of Peter Dale’s French goods stock that won the rolling stock section of the modelling competition .
Photo: 021 Display photo 5. An interesting variety of smaller 009 locos and stock including Steve Nixon’s splendid little England saddle tank loco in the foreground .
Photo: 022 Display photo 6. Garry Whiting’s 3 “Statfold Barn type Landrovers” – Airfix kits on Kato shorty bogie chassis, along with his charming little steam railmotor are featured here. The little Gmeinder diesel mod is bySimon Hargraves and the blue and white railcar at the back is Dean Whiston's FC de Mallorca 00n3 railcar which was winner of the railcar section of the modelling competition .
Photo: 023 Display photo 7. The same as photo 6 but with the addition of two locos at the back from Ben Powell, the little Statfold Barn Mallet 0-4-4-0T+T on the right being the winner of the steam locomotive section .
Photo: 024 Display photo 8, One of several Corgi toy bus railcar conversions by Garry Whiting, rolling stock by David Hennessey and on the rear rows, some Festiniog coaches by Steve Nixon that were judged runners up in the rolling stock section .