Oxfordshire NG Modellers Open Day, Steventon, 28 June 2014
Aug 26, 2014Public
Photo: 001 The best place to start is at the beginning and this is the view from the car park of the village hall at Steventon, An idyllic scene to start a good day !
Photo: 002 Should we stay and watch the cricket or go into the hall and see what there is to see? Let’s go into the hall…………….
Photo: 003 ……………Where we are met by Oxfordshire NGM members Paul Spray and Tony Thomas – giss’yer money !
Photo: 004 First layout spotted was in the entrance hall and was Richard Holder’s award winning triangular 009 layout from ExpoNG last year, Windrush Wharf .
Photo: 005 Another view of Richard Holder's Windrush Wharf. Modelling excellence in a very small space .
Photo: 006 The main hall (there were two halls), as seen from the stage .
Photo: 007 009 Society sales fully stocked and in full swing !
Photo: 008 Here’s one satisfied customer! Julian Evison is very pleased with the bargains he has found .
Photo: 009 The smaller of the two halls was devoted to overseas railway layouts. Bergellerbahn, a Swiss HOm (12mm gauge) layout attributed to John Laister, but exhibited by several members of his family (I think) was my own first sighting of a very impressive scenic layout indeed, that was featured in Continental Modeller in 2007 and was also in the RM/CM DVD produced in December of that year .
Photo: 010 Bergellerbahn from the opposite direction showing something of the extensive alpine scenery of the layout .
Photo: 011 One of the two stations featured in John Laister’s HOm Bergellerbahn .
Photo: 012 The Glacier Tour express negotiates some rugged alpine terrain on the Bergellerbahn .
Photo: 013 A local service train approaches the main station on the Bergellerbahn layout of John Laister .
Photo: 014 A double headed heavy freight train passes through the main station, which I originally thought was the exotically named Feldschlösschenm but now realise on my 40th or so viewing of this photo that the name is printed on the side of the wagon - doh!! .
Photo: 015 Another heavy freight train passes through the Bergellerbahn .
Photo: 016 An aerial view across the wood yard at the larger of the 2 stations modelled on the Bergellerbahn .
Photo: 017 A final atomospheric glimpse of John Laister’s very impressive HOm Bergellerbahn .
Photo: 018 Sy Newitt with his St Frazel le Chateau, a splendid model of a French village “somewhere in rural France”, served by a metre gauge line of the SNCF. Modelled in the tiny Nm scale – 1:160 scale using 6.5mm Z gauge track.
Photo: 019 A view down the village street at St Frazel le Chateau, Sy Newitt’s Nm scale French layout .
Photo: 020 A railcar pauses at St Frazel le Chateau. Excellent detailing in this tiny Nm scale .
Photo: 021 A diesel powered mixed train passes through Sy Newitt’s St Frazel le Chateau .
Photo: 022 And if you thought Nm was a small size for a narrow gauge railway, try the private branch line on Sy Newitt’s St Frazel le Chateau – running on 3mm T gauge tracks. I think this would represent something like 500mm gauge full size .
Photo: 023 Another view of the 1:160 scale 3mm gauge private branch line on Sy Newitt’s St Frazel le Chateau .
Photo: 024 Another French narrow gauge layout that has proved deservedly very popular on the exhibition circuit is Charlie Insley’s HOe St Etienne en Caux .