Expo NG, Swanley, 25 October 2014, Part 2
Nov 16, 2014Public
Photo: 110 During the 1st World War, an unofficial satirical newspaper called the Salient News was produced, which became very popular amongst the troops, and was quickly nicknamed the Wipers Times (after the British Army slang corruption for the town of Ypres to “Wipers”). The 1st page of the newspaper carried an advert for the “Wipers, Fish Hook and Menin Railway excursions to Gordon’s Farm” This layout, in 1:64 (3/16in to 1ft) scale on 9mm gauge track by Matt Wildsmith is named after this. It depicts a 2ft gauge supply line between the rear areas and the front line trenches .
Photo: 111 An overall view of the cold, war ravaged part of the Wipers Fish Hook and Menin Railway modelled by Matt Wildsmith .
Photo: 112 Many 1st generation motor omnibuses were taken across the channel to France and pressed into service as both troop transports and mobile pigeon lofts. This representative bus shows an early form of troop carrier .
Photo: 113 A Simplex loco takes a train of loco coal to the Divisional Headquarters for winter fuel for the Officer’s Mess .
Photo: 114 Not being a War Department Light Railways student, I am not sure of the purpose of this tank wagon, so I won’t hazard a guess! .
Photo: 115 A Baldwin 4-6-0T passes the row of ruined houses with a short supply train .
Photo: 116 Sue and Brian Key brought their popular Lynton and Barnstaple 009 “might have been extension” Ilfracombe East to ExpoNG and were very much enjoying the morning session of the show when I passed by with camera in hand .
Photo: 117 Ilracombe East station, on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, modelled in 009 by Brian Key of the Beds and Bucks NG Modellers Group .
Photo: 118 The easily recognisable Austrian Roco 6 wheel diesel loco looks fine repainted into Southern Railway olive green and makes a very suitable station shunting locomotive .
Photo: 119 L&B Manning Wardle 2-6-2T no. 761 Taw, brings the morning passenger train from Barnstaple via Blackmore Gate into Ilfracombe East .
Photo: 120 An attractive modification of the Roxey Cyprus Government 2-6-0 tender loco and built onto what several of us surmised is a Kato C56 chassis, spotted at Ilfracombe East. I’m advised that this very attractive version of the CGR Nasmyth Wilson mogul was made by Dan Foard. It was also noticed that, like a certain little green railcar, it surfaced on at least 3 layouts during the event! .
Photo: 121 A goods service headed by a (Liliput) Austrian 2091 2-4-2/1-B-1 diesel loco crossing the impressive viaduct on Brian Key’s Ilfracombe East layout. This loco looks quite at home on a British NG line after repainting to Southern Railway green livery .
Photo: 122 No, 761 Taw on the passenger service pauses at the passing station of Brinscott, on its way to Ilfracombe East .
Photo: 123 Another view of L&B Manning Wardle no, 761 Taw, one of 3 “standard” 009 models detailed from Stenning kits and built onto the ubiquitous Minitrix 2-6-2 chassis .
Photo: 124 Brinscott station, an intermediate stop on the Blackmore Gate to Ilfracombe branch of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway .
Photo: 125 At the end of Ilfracombe East terminus station is the local garage, with a variety of 1930’s motor vehicles present .
Photo: 126 The fiddle yard at Brian Key’s Ilfracombe East is a simple, but comprehensively equipped, fan of 8 sidings .
Photo: 127 Another layout visit entered into the Roving Reporter’s logbook .
Photo: 128 Chris Ford with the latest of a line of small 009 layouts he has built and exhibited over the years. “Edge” is rather different as it was not built for exhibiting purposes but as a “work in progress” project to illustrate a book on model railway construction that Chris has been writing. Now that Edge has been completed, he brought it along to ExpoNG and it was handed over to the safe custody of another 009 Modeller who lives in the West Midlands. Perhaps therefore, Edge will appear at another show sometime in the future? .
Photo: 129 Kerr Stuart Skylark class “Alf” shortened to 0-4-0 and without coal bunker with a train including some “bagwag” Bagnall goods wagons at Chris Ford’s Edge
Photo: 130 Another view of Alf doing a spot of light shunting at Edge. Chris Ford is another modeller who has very successfully followed the “less is more” school of effective layout building in all the narrow gauge layouts of his that I have seen over the years .
Photo: 131 Alf again, simply because it was the only locomotive I saw working at Edge when I passed by! The rear drop-down weather canvas looks particularly effective doesn’t it .
Photo: 132 A busy day and many route miles were clocked up by the Roving Reporter railcar as the Driver waits for a clear road before backing out of Edge in order to be turned for the trip to Wantage, the next layout on the visit list .
Photo: 133 The very familiar sight of Richard Holder and his very popular 009 “might have been” in the form of what the well known standard gauge Wantage Tramway may have looked like if it had been built as a 2ft 3in gauge line instead. Wantage is another layout that has a superbly presented frontage including information boards and a built-in DVD player in the fascia board showing a slideshow of Wantage Tramway photos .