Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt College, Winchester, 09 April 2016, Part 2
Jul 13, 2016Public
Photo: 114 Moving quickly into the second part of this report with plenty of layouts still to visit, we arrive at Tim Tincknell’s 5.5mm scale 12 mm gauge Tallylyn Railway, which depicts Abergynolwyn station circa 1865 .
Photo: 115 The original Talyllyn locomotive, “Talyllyn” was built by Fletcher Jennings as an open cab 0-4-0, which Tim Tincknell has created in model form by converting the Malcolm Savage “modern image” kit of the locomotive which comes as the loco appears today, as an 0-4-2ST with closed cab .
Photo: 116 More instantly recognisable is the Talyllyn “Old Lady”, Number 2, Dolgoch, which is virtually unaltered from the form she still appears in 150 years later, but nowadays sporting the luxury of a cab for the crew .
Photo: 117 Both of the original engines in view on Tim Tincknell’s 5.5mm scale Talyllyn Railway layout .
Photo: 118 A diesel loco has passed through a time warp and manifested itself on the Talyllyn Railway 150 years ago. Tim Tincknell enjoyed himself at the show by introducing this little loco to the running sequence and waiting to see if anyone spotted the anachronism, which of course I didn’t until he pointed it out to me! .
Photo: 119 Even if it does appear 150 years out of period, the little yellow diesel does fit into the early Abergynolwyn scene quite well, don’t you think? .
Photo: 120 Garreg Wen, Matthew and Helen Kean’s 009 scene from the Snowdonia region around the year 1880 has had a scenic extension built which increases the depth of the station scene by around 150% from the original, which extended only to the limit of the sidescreens as viewed in this photo. In this view, Lucy supervises Daddy who is gallantly trying to prepare the passenger train for departure, despite the pressure! .
Photo: 121 Another view of the scenic extension to the front of the layout at Garreg Wen, which provides a very much enhanced sense of depth and perspective to the already attractive scene .
Photo: 122 Looking up the lane towards the gated level crossing at Garreg Wen .
Photo: 123 On an “album” type layout, correct gauge is less important than realistic train formations which do not clash with others in use, although in this feature of a Victorian Talyllyn train arriving at Garreg Wen the 9mm gauge of the layout is exactly correct for the 2ft 3in Talyllyn track gauge .
Photo: 124 Talyllyn loco number 2, Dolgoch, has run round its train and prepares to depart from Garreg Wen. The loco is one of the best finished 009 models of this famous engine that I can remember seeing .
Photo: 125 Looking towards the buffer stops at Garreg Wen. The scenic extension allows a full depth photo to be achieved from this angle, that was not possible on the original layout .
Photo: 126 The scene at Garreg Wen has now changed to a 2ft gauge (or slightly under!) to allow this superb model of an early Festiniog Rly early England loco to appear .
Photo: 127 The Wessex NG Modellers have introduced a new award, sponsored by Peco, for the layout voted by visitors as best in show, which for the inaugural year went to Garreg Wen. In this view, WNGM Chairman, Patrick Collins presents the trophy, a Peco L&B coach mounted on a presentation base, to Lucy Kean, whilst Helen and Matthew look on. I didn’t take this photo, my own effort was blurred and unusable, I am very grateful to David Burleigh for taking this splendid photo which also appeared in Railway Modeller .
Photo: 128 The familiar “party sized Pizza” layout Pig Dyke Farm, built by SWOONS member Geoff Broadhurst, is a very good display layout for Rod Allcock to show his selection of superb scratch and superdetailed kitbuilt locos and stock .
Photo: 129 A small diesel loco (I think it is a Narrow Planet 60hp RNAD Baguley-Drewry) crosses the dyke at Pig Dyke Farm. I’m not sure at all if I have the correct identification for the little diesel loco, so would welcome being corrected if anyone knows better than I do! .
Photo: 130 Geoff Broadhurst’s latest small “roundy” layout is more complex than Pig Dyke Farm on approximately the same sized base, but still retains an atmosphere of spaciousness and very realistically presented scenic work .
Photo: 131 A Fowler "Peldon" diesel loco hauls a short train of empty skips on the upper level at Geoff Broadhurst’s Purple Moose Quarry. The loco is a 35 years old Nonneminstre kit that has been upgraded by Rod Allcock who replaced the original Grafar motor bogie chassis with a scratchbuilt one featuring the correct wheelbase and wheel diameter, and recently further improved the running by replacing a noisy layshaft and gear transmission with a belt drive to finally arrive at a both very satisfactory and unique model .
Photo: 132 Lyn and Jim Owers came across from the Isle of Wight to provide an “overseas connection” (!) with their Scottish village of Glensheen and the Lochsanda Tramway, which runs through the village on its way down to Loch Linnie and Lochsanda Dock .
Photo: 133 An aerial view of the attractive village of Glensheen and the 009 Lochsanda Tramway .
Photo: 134 The little tram shed hosts a steeple cab electric loco, with the village stores sited on the terrace just above it .
Photo: 135 Another view of the village stores as a tram passes, apparently at high speed, on the tramway! Oh dear, I must keep an eye on what is happening on a layout before I press the shutter on the camera! .
Photo: 136 A glimpse of some of the colourful variety of single deck trams working on the Lochsanda Tramway as it makes its way though the village of Glensheen .
Photo: 137 Greenwich & District NG Society member Richard Glover laid on a testing station, complete with oscilloscope and a comprehensive variety of typical controllers used by narrow gauge modellers so that comparison tests could be made of loco performances on both 9 and 16.5mm gauge tracks with different controllers of pulse, feedback, variable voltage and even “vintage” variable resistance configurations. As expected, results were inconclusive, but it was fun! Paying full attention here are 009 esteemed “elders” Phil Savage in the maroon Sussex Downs shirt and previous 009 Society Chairman David Burleigh .