SWOONS Members Open Day, Ilton, Somerset, 17 January 2015
Jan 25, 2015Public
Photo: 001 A view into the hall from Matthew and Maria’s refreshments counter. Lots of 4 and 7mm scale narrow gauge modelling celebrities in view and the remains of lots of 5 star pasties spotted on the tables! .
Photo: 002 The 009 Society sales table was present with a splendid array of stock, including first sighting for many of the newly released Minitrains Zillertalbahn 0-4-0T and coach set .
Photo: 003 Chris and Christine Ward brought their very popular range of CWR Railways 3D printed models. Chris has recently invested in a very expensive top of the range state of the art machine which has provided a quantum leap in the quality of 3D printing possible .
Photo: 004 Mike Johnson is a SWOONS member and also proprietor of Jurassic Models, producing some superb 16mm and 7/8inch scale wooden laser cut kits . The other trader present on the day was John Sutton who brought his bookstall all the way down from Bromsgrove .
Photo: 005 Mike Johnson produced these splendid badges in laser cut wood for the exhibitors who attended. Watch out for them on layout fascias at exhibitions still to come - you saw them here first! .
Photo: 006 On to the layouts, first one visited is the very popular little 016.5 Crackington Quay, which was originally built by Roy Parkes in 2004 and featured in the July 2006 Railway Modeller. The layout is now in the possession of Howard Martin .
Photo: 007 Barrie Baker on the left and Howard Martin, who brought Crackington Quay along to Ilton, are also very well known amongst NG modellers as key members of the Small & Delightful Group, who run Narrow Gauge South West, probably the largest annual NG specialist show in the country, which takes place in Shepton Mallet every February. Howard is the exhibition manager and spent much of the day at Ilton plotting with Barrie how they are going to shoehorn over 30 layouts and as many traders into the venue with the aid of Howard’s famed 10 inch to the foot planning ruler .
Photo: 008 Back to Crackington Quay where we see this splendid fishing vessel, which was scratchbuilt by Roy Parkes from cardboard and balsa using only a photo as reference, tied up at the quayside .
Photo: 009 Up on the quayside two tiny trains are passing each other at the station loop. The nearest loco shows clear evidence that the popular pastime fo Pugbashing is not confined just to 4mm scale modelling! .
Photo: 010 A wider angle view of Crackington Quay giving a glimpse of the simple but very effective design and the super overall atmosphere that has been created in the scene .
Photo: 011 Another view of Crackington Quay from the opposite side of the layout. Compact, yet spacious looking scenic modelling at its best .
Photo: 012 Moving on we next visit Stan Agar’s Dragon’s Lair, an 009 layout that Stan has been developing and re-designing with progress reports shown at successive Ilton members days for several years now! This year it has been revised again (the programme reported that it is possibly the 6th version, but as the 2013 Ilton members day showed Stan’s 3rd version, I calculate that this is the 5th – are you still following?) but with an assurance that the layout and the design is now nearing completion! If you visit my SWOONS reports going back over the past 5 years or so, you will see how much progress Stan has made to bring the layout to the attractive presentation it now provides .
Photo: 013 A view across the village green at Dragons Lair, where there is a classic car rally in full flow, providing a colourful and attractive supplement to the delightful summer scene of the layout .
Photo: 014 A wider view of the classic car display at Stan Agar’s Dragons Lair. A good idea for how to display a collection of Oxford, Pocketbond and Basetoys diecast vehicles. The Peco backscene complements this layout very well .
Photo: 015 Dragons Lair is basically an oval with a terminus station inside the oval. An attractive tourist train awaits departure time at the platform whilst passengers keep their feet dry by standing on concrete paving stones………….! .
Photo: 016 This Peco James running on the Arnold chassis the kit was originally designed for is one of the best finished examples of this popular 009 loco kit that I can remember seeing .
Photo: 017 009 Society Chairman David Gander brought his very well known and much admired Green End, a simple layout that David originally built to sit on top of a bookcase at home. It is a freelance small terminus most definitely inspired by the Welshpool and Llanfair and acts as a setting for David to run a wide variety of stock including those made by his good friend, the equally well known Stephen Sullivan. David is pictured here with 009 Society Trade Liaison Officer John Bruce. Chris Ward, who we met in photo 003 stands behind David .
Photo: 018 A view of Green End looking outwards along the line from the station. This little layout is another excellent example of the “simple is more” school of very effective railway modelling .
Photo: 019 This little 0-4-0ST loco was built by Charlie Insley as a very effective conversion from the excellent Tomix “Percy” N gauge locomotive (which is unfortunately not easy to find in shops at the moment – if you see one, buy it!). The train of bolster and flat wagons is made up of the brand new Peco ready to run wagons that I think were having their first public appearance at Ilton. Another “you saw it here first” scoop for the Roving Reporter! .
Photo: 020 Reverse angle view of Charlie Insley’s Percy conversion and the Peco wagons approaching Green End platform .
Photo: 021 A little bit of exquisite brass modelling spotted at Green End. I have now learned from Rod Allcock, who built it, that it is a 30+ year old Joe Works Gamecock, which he improved a couple of years ago with a scratchbuilt chassis, including employing Graham Farish wagon wheels, Tenshodo gears and a Mashima 10-15 motor with a flywheel added. Nice! Real Premier League modelmaking and miniature engineering skills.
Photo: 022 A view of the line out in the country as a train clatters over the points on its way towards Green End. In actuality, this is the view from the fiddle yard and Green End is all of 4 feet away, just beyond the gentle curve through the trees! No photoshop cheating has taken place in the production of this atmospheric photo – it was very fortunate that the layout was sited next to a white painted wall, and I managed to get David to move himself and his striped shirt out of the view .
Photo: 023 The basic and fully viewable Green End fiddle yard is a good place to do some top quality NG loco spotting. The W&LLR 0-6-0T no 823 in the foreground is the work of Stephen Sullivan, I think the green Manning Wardle 0-6-2T may also be by Stephen and I am unsure if the little Barclay wing tank 0-4-0 is one of David’s or Stephen’s. All excellent models – a little bit of adjustment to the headlamp on 823 is perhaps due………..
Photo: 024 I could not resist this! This sign was posted in front of the fiddle yard of Green End. As I know Stephen Sulllivan quite well, I was shocked to read what I initially thought was his Obituary and also to learn that he was only 25 years old. Think about it! I believe that David is considering re-writing that last paragraph of this notice before the next exhibition appearance .