Welsh Highland Great & Small II, Dinas, 12 September 2015
Oct 20, 2015Public
Photo: 001 Where to start? Well, the terminus of the Welsh Highland at Caernarfon is as good a place as any, and here we find “Blanche” having just arrived with a shuttle train from Dinas preparing to head into the loop for watering and an oil around the aching joints – the old lady is getting quite old after all .
Photo: 002 Here’s the shuttle train that Blanche brought from Dinas to Caernarfon. I’m informed that the boiler in the South African open belongs to “Welsh Pony” but must admit, that my attraction to taking the photo was because there is a similar piece of luggage on one of the wagons on Ted Polet’s Craigcorrie & Dunalistair 009 layout !
Photo: 003 Here is Blanche, now back to how she should be and coal fired, resting by the water tank at Caernarfon. The Hunslet “ladies” really are handsome engines in lined green aren’t they ?
Photo: 004 A shrill whistle announced the arrival of the next shuttle train, this time with Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle replica “Lyd” in charge .
Photo: 005 “Lyd” just arrived at Caernarfon. The locomotive looks superb in Southern Railway early period lined Olive Green .
Photo: 006 We travelled back to Dinas on the shuttle that “Lyd” brought in, but with “Blanche” at the head this time. Arriving at Dinas, I spotted the “gate guard” locomotive in the form of this attractive little de Winton vertical boiler loco, which I confess to knowing nothing about (note to diary – must consult Festipedia WHR loco list) .
Photo: 007 Big train a-coming. Hearing a train arriving as I took the photo of the VB loco I turned to see the first Garratt of the day on a WHR service train. I’m not really into big Garratt’s but must confess that this was a very impressive and well turned out example !
Photo: 008 A better view of NGG16 class Garratt, made by Beyer Peacock in Manchester works number 7863 in 1958. Nice one!
Photo: 009 And here is the other Hunslet “Penrhyn Lady”, sister of “Blanche”, 2-4-0ST+T “Linda”, complete with a “firewoman” on the day of the gala ,
Photo: 010 One of the 4 surviving and 3 operational England locomotives still on the books of the Festiniog Railway, 0-4-0ST+T “Prince” put in a spirited performance all day working on the shuttle trains. I was surprised at how fleet of foot these little locomotives are .
Photo: 011 Two quarry Hunslet locos spend the day providing footplate rides between the Dinas station platform and the carriage shed. Here is “Hugh Napier” providing power to boil the kettle during a crew break, with “Britomart” behind .
Photo: 012 “Britomart”, one of the earlier pattern of quarry Hunslets locos, with a domeless boiler. In my own opinion, this little loco, in its lined blue livery with crimson lake frames is one of the most handsome of the many quarry Hunslet locos that have survived into preservation .
Photo: 013 Here’s the Victorian passenger train that gave passenger rides around the station environs throughout the gala. “Lilla” looked extremely smart in the lined black Penrhyn quarry livery. “Lilla” is larger than the quarry Hunslet locomotives and is very similar to the Mills class (aka “Cackler” and “Jerry M”), but without the dropped cab that the Mills class locos have .
Photo: 014 A big engine working on the shuttle trains was South African Funkey diesel loco “Castell Caernarfon” .
Photo: 015 Ex-Avontuur class NG15 2-8-2 awaiting the final touches to the authentic weathering. Yes that really is a fern growing out of the cylinder, and although it doesn’t show up in the photo, there is a small tree appearing from the chimney. A bit more work required before she enters service I think !
Photo: 016 Compare this photo of “Jack Lane” with number 12, showing “Britomart”. “Jack Lane” was built by the “new” Hunslet company at Statfold in 2005 as Hunslet works no. 3904, but is to the same design as the last “later Port Class” locos of the erstwhile Dinorwic quarry system built in 1932. “Jack Lane” was making a guest appearance from the Statfold Barn railway and was employed providing driver experience sessions shunting slate wagons in Dinas sidings .
Photo: 017 Ffestiniog first class observation saloon number 111 spotted on one of the shuttle trains .
Photo: 018 A glimpse inside saloon 111 to see how the supplement paying passengers travel in style and comfort .
Photo: 019 Meanwhile the unwashed proletariat classes travel in more rudimentary comfort .
Photo: 020 And sometimes even more basically! Here is Ffestiniog heritage brake van number 6, a super subject for modelling! Hand me my Peco wagon chassis and sheet of planked Evergreen plastikard .
Photo: 021 And if you thought Ffestiniog coach 111 was the last word in NG comfort, have a gander at their new number 150, now completed and ready to enter service next year. A superb vehicle indeed, I am sorry I didn’t capture any internal images .
Photo: 022 The other end of Ffestiniog 1st class saloon coach 150, built at Boston Lodge to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the railway. Absolutely superb !
Photo: 023 A pair of “full size Ratio bashes” aka Ffestiniog Victorian era compartment coaches, looking splendid at Dinas .
Photo: 024 Here’s the pair of bogie compartment coaches again, being hooked up to “Linda” for a shuttle train trip to Waunfahr in this busy shot of the station. A Welsh Highland service train has just arrived in the background .