M5'M50 NG Modellers Open Day, Corse & Staunton, 10 October 2015
Oct 24, 2015Public
Photo: 001 Welcome to Corse! Nicholas Wheatley (coloured waistcoat) and colleague ready to let the 100 or so visitors who turned out for the day in .
Photo: 002 A general view across the main hall quite early in the day. As usual, many familiar faces to be spotted .
Photo: 003 The refreshments area was full for most of the day, with everyone enjoying the splendid culinary goodies on offer .
Photo: 004 The Catering Corps traditional photo: LtoR: Janet Hill, Pauline Webb, Paul Webb, Jane Thompson Webb .
Photo: 005 Shirley Harper, a West Midlands Group stalwart and 009 Society member, accompanies husband Geoff to narrow gauge modelling events throughout the country with her craft stall. Good to see Shirley up and about again after a relatively recent illness .
Photo: 006 Some of the minimum gauge delights on offer in a variety of scales on Allen Law and Andy Greenslade’s Minimum Gauge Models stand .
Photo: 007 Chris and Christine Ward brought their very popular CWR 3D models range all the way from Sidmouth in Devon .
Photo: 008 7mm NGA Chairman Neil Smith and colleague with the Association’s Modelling Goods stand .
Photo: 009 Whilst on the other side of the entrance door, Bob Cope and colleague manned the 7mm NGA Second Hand sales department .
Photo: 010 At the other end of the hall, the 009 Society just put everything on the same table! David Camis, Lee Bryant and Brian Ellsmore all seem to be happy with the way things are going .
Photo: 011 Another shot of the 009 Society sales stand just to get the rest of the team in, from the right, Steve Lawrence and Mike Sarsfield with David Camis and Lee Bryant, who we met in the previous photo .
Photo: 012 I was pleased to see Martyn Davies’s 009 West Gwynnedd Railway on its first exhibition outing, as I had previously enjoyed looking at his attractive computer printed rolling stock on his demonstration stand the last time I visited this show in 2012. The layout features the fictitious town of Porth-y-Castell on the Llyn Peninsula in the 1950’s .
Photo: 013 I particularly liked the small fishing port at Porth-y-Castell, on the West Gwynnedd.Railway. We often see jetties and quaysides featured on layouts, but don’t often see the landward side of the port, with the fish market and chandler’s shops etc
Photo: 014 Coaches from various places, including a Southdown touring coach all the way from Sussex parked up near the waterfront at Porth-y-Castell
Photo: 015 The railway station at Porth-y-Castell. Unfortunately during the period of my visit to this attractive layout, there were first day glitches in the form of a voltage issue, but as I wasn’t trying to make a video, that suited me fine, any blurred images would however be entirely my own fault !
Photo: 016 Porth-y-Castell station is situated in the main shopping street which features an overall pavement awning running the whole length of the shop fronts. Note the number of buses and coaches – Martyn Davies is a bus and particularly Crosville enthusiast !
Photo: 017 Peco Jeanette and Glyn Valley locomotives provided the (static) motive power for the layout during the period of my visit with the camera .
Photo: 018 A glimpse of some of the attractive rolling stock that Martyn Davies has produced “printies” of computer generated drawings in the form of modern day “lithographs” .
Photo: 019 Shocton Stund, by Richard Stranks is an experiment in automatic control of unmodified DC locmotives. The wiring required to automate running from the 4 road shuffle yard is most impressive !
Photo: 020 The “shuffle yard” at Richard Stranks’ automatically controlled layout .
Photo: 021 The modern generation of Minitrains locomotives and stock, with their superb running qualities are ideal for an HOe/HOn30 automatic control demonstration .
Photo: 022 Allen Law showed his micro 09 layout Cwm Valley on his MGM models stand .
Photo: 023 Some interesting 09 industrial stock on Allen Law’s Cwm Valley layout .
Photo: 024 The main “overground” locomotive on Allen Law’s Cwm Valley mining scene, was this powerful looking 15/18” gauge diesel loco .