Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt College, Winchester, 05 April 2014 Part 2
Apr 14, 2014Public
Photo: 094 The first layout for Part 2 is another American one, this time in HOn30 (9mm gauge) and is owned by well known Slim Gauge Circle member John Spratley, who was tinkering with screwdriver under the layout when I took the photo! The eagle-eyed will be able to spot where I managed to “paint” him out of the scene and camouflage him as a piece of the carpet !
Photo: 095 John Spratley’s HOn30 layout showing the passing station of Secaville, Elevation 635ft, on his FC Del Rio Palpo. I understand that the layout was originally built by Terry Lee .
Photo: 096 One of the new Minitrains HOn30 Fiddletown & Copperopolis trains arrives at Secaville depot, with bells clanging and Westinghouse pump panting………….
Photo: 097 The very atmospheric and well constructed turntable on John Spratley’s FC Del Rio Palpo .
Photo: 098 John Spratley’s impressively stocky 2-8-2 saddle tank loco on the FC Del Rio Palpo .
Photo: 099 Another sighting of Christopher Payne’s 09 Pynton Tramway Co. which has featured quite regularly in recent reports. As with all of Christopher’s layouts, the presentation of them is outstanding and professionally executed .
Photo: 100 One of several freelance but credible and imaginative 18” gauge overhead electric locos pausing between duties on Christopher Payne’s Pynton Tramway .
Photo: 101 Pynton Tramway is freelance and located in an imaginary location in the UK, but I am not sure where. The sandy soild and pine trees gives me an impression of the Wareham Forest area in Dorset, I wonder if I am close ?
Photo: 102 I was only able to spend a short time with each layout, so was unable on this occasion to photograph much activity on the Pynton Tramway, but I was pleased to see another of Christopher’s very attractive little electric tram locos in the fiddle yard. No.5 seen here provides quite a contrast to the longer loco seen in the 2 earlier photos .
Photo: 103 Those who have read the Railway Modeller article last year on the Pynton Tramway will know that the quarry branch is operated by a steam loco, but I don’t think I have featured the loco in any of my previous visits to this attractive 09 layout. Here then is the 0-4-0VB loco that provides the steam power for the quarry branch. No prizes for working out the chassis that has been used in its construction .
Photo: 104 A third American layout visited at NG South and a third scale/gauge combination as well. Saw Pit Creek, exhibited by Neil Lancaster, is an HOn3 layout that uses the unusual rail gauge in this country of 10.5mm to represent a proportionally accurate 3ft gauge railway in HO (3½mm) scale .
Photo: 105 Saw Pit Creek had all the usual features of an American narrow gauge layout – lots of shunting, lots of sound from the sound fitted locos, bells clanging, cylinder cocks blowing off and all that, together with the superb American mid-west scenic modelling that goes naturally with this type of layout .
Photo: 106 2-8-0 No.343 arrives at Saw Pit Creek with the daily passenger train. Note the extra water carried on the train to sustain the loco as it makes its way across the arid countryside of the region .
Photo: 107 A scenic view without trains as the line leaves Saw Pit Creek .
Photo: 108 Another layout that has featured in these reports recently is Derek Johnson’s 009 “Hampshjre ‘Og” which has never really been explained in exhibition guides, but I gather from Derek that the “’Og” is actually a name given to the diesel railcar unit that works the passenger service from, to and through the country park that is modelled on the layout .
Photo: 109 The covered station of the Hampshire ‘Og which gives a very main line impression to visitors to the country park .
Photo: 110 Looking through the busy station canopy as various trains are marshalled dfor the day’s activities .
Photo: 111 Horsedrawn wagons and 2 traditional gypsy caravans spotted behind the station of the Hampshire ‘Og provide something of a Paulton’s Park feeling to this part of Derek Johnson’s unusual 009 layout .
Photo: 112 Another unusual layout theme in 009 was shown by Julian Evison who brought his well known German South West Africa (now Namibia) representation of the hot, dry desert landscape and passing station of Khan, in the hinterland of this former German colony .
Photo: 113 Khan features a series of spirals as the line gains height from the passing station up into the Namibian hinterland, very much akin to the “traditional and much maligned” rabbit warren stylem, but in a credible scenario and in a completely unfamiliar (to those who think that all NG layouts come from North Wales) landscape .
Photo: 114 The locos and stock found at Khan are as distinctive and unusual as the arid mountainous desert landscape .
Photo: 115 Trains passing at the hill station of Khan on the Staatsbahn Nord in German South West Africa .
Photo: 116 Ted Polet brought a selection of his well known Craigcorrie & Dunalistair Railway stock over from the Netherlands for NG South and found Khan to be a very suitable setting to give his own scratchbuilt 4-4-0 Lawley loco, built for the Beira Railway a run in the African sunshine on Julian Evison’s Khan! Newcomers to fall under the spell of Ted Polet’s modelling sagas may not know that it is now 21 years since he described in 009 News how he built this superb locomotive .
Photo: 117 Nic Arthur poses with The Torrisdale Tramway, a DCC operated 009 layout set in the Argyll Peninsula in Scotland and Nic’s first exhibition outing, which from my own opinion and the comments I heard about the layout from visitors, was an outstanding success .