009 Society 40th Anniversary Convention, Kegworth, 27-29 September 2013. Part 4
Oct 15, 2013Public
Photo: 001 Malcolm MacLeod (right) with Ernie Curtis of the Edinburgh & Lothians Miniature Railway Club, with Dundreich, the last surviving part of the late PD Hancocks pioneering and legendary Craig & Mertonford Railway that Malcolm has painstakingly and sympathetically restored. The narrow gauge hobby in general is eternally grateful for the vision of Philip Hancock and the inspiration he passed on to generations of NG modellers and it was a huge thrill to be able to see close up and “in the flesh” some of his modelling, some of which had hitherto only ever been seen in tiny, murky black & white photos in magazines .
Photo: 002 About 18 months ago, during Malcolm MacLeod’s research in trying to ensure that his restoration of Dundreich was accurate, a small correspondence group of like-minded people who had either met PDH, had corresponded with him, or had simply been lifelong fans of his work, formed a small information exchanging correspondence group which quickly became known as the Craig & Mertonford Appreciation Group, or Camagians for short. The Convention was a very timely opportunity for most of them to meet up for a group photo, Left to right: Mick Thornton, Rod Allcock, Malcolm MacLeod, Ted Polet, Bob Telford. At the Convention but escaped from the photo: Garry Whiting and Graham Watling. Not able to be present: David Burleigh .
Photo: 003 Paul Windle very closely studies the rake of Condon hoppers (PD Hancock’s “Woolworths Hoppers” for the benefit of those that have read his articles). Could a new Windle production item be forthcoming? Note also in this photo, the stretch of the “West Water” below Dundreich loco shed, which I can’t remember seeing previously in any colour photos .
Photo: 004 A traditional and timeless view of Dundreich as Alistair arrives with the passenger train and diesel loco Christine waits for her next shunting duty in the siding below the crane .
Photo: 005 Same scene as the last photo, reverse angle showing a different perspective to Dundreich station area and the CMR “signature” Kemtron coaches .
Photo: 006 The station forecourt area. The figure that can be seen to the left of the kilted figure with dog, who has a walking stick and has just left the station, is thought to be a caricature appearance of PD Hancock himself, who was a keen hill walker, just as Alfred Hitchock always made cameo appearances in his own films .
Photo: 007 Some of the shops at Dundreich village. Mackays is a very familiar name that appears in several CMR photos from the earliest days .
Photo: 008 The West Water which I mentioned in a previous caption, is a feature that I can’t remember seeing in coloured photos before – I’m sure somebody will instantly come up with a magazine reference !
Photo: 009 Rubbish piling up just across the tracks from the croft and down the hill from the loco shed. If the square object to the left of the hut appears vaguely familiar, all will be revealed in a later photo !
Photo: 010 Lord Craig standing outside the Gents Urinal on the platform at Dundreich. This scenic item gives good evidence of Malcolm MacLeod’s diligence in trying to ensure correctness during the layout restoration work. Having studied photos of the layout, a search was undertaken to source the correct urinal, which was revealed to be a Mikes Models item no. MM38 and Malcolm then asked for the Camagian members opinion on where it should be sited, which resulted in it being placed on the platform in the position that it was in when Dundreich was photographed for Railway Modeller in the late 1970’s. Such dedication knows no bounds which is no doubt why Lord Craig looks quite contented in this photo .
Photo: 011 Another survivor. Craig Pier station building which appeared on the cover of Railway Modeller March 1975, is a model scratchbuilt by PD Hancock of Polton Station from the North British Railway
Photo: 012 The NER 0-8-0 on the standard gauge passes a rake of the tipper wagons that PD Hancock referred to as the “Woolworth Hoppers”. These rather overscale and crude items were built by a firm called Condon as standard 00 tippers as shown here. My first sighting of them on the CMR is in the Railway Modeller cover photo for September 1956 .
Photo: 013 Two early CMR coaches which like most of the early vehicles were built to 4.5mm scale. When smaller stock items became possible, these two were converted to standard gauge and survive in this form. They appeared in many CMR articles in the 1950’s with the clearest ones I can think of being on the RM cover for December 1961 running behind Alistair .
Photo: 014 A view across the tracks at Dundreich station showing a variety of goods vehicles .
Photo: 015 Some scenic settings around Dundreich .
Photo: 016 The station master takes an afternoon nap in his garden, totally unaware that Lord Craig is standing on the platform just above him. If His Lordship should decide to wander across to lean on the fence, there might be a very rude awakening indeed !
Photo: 017 Some of the flotsam and jetsam left lying around near the loco shed .
Photo: 018 The almost legendary rubbish heap that has been building on the bank just outside the Dundreich station master’s garden .
Photo: 019 Another view across Dundreich station area with a glimpse of the backlight challenge that faced photographers at the Convention due to the layout not having its own lighting gantry and being sited in the corner of the room between two large south and west facing windows. And I forgot to pack a lens hood for the camera as well !
Photo: 020 If anyone has been frustrated by glimpses of a small slightly darker green loco in some of the photos, here is the interloper for all to see. It is my own CMR tribute loco “WeeMoira” which I built, or bashed, around an Egger number 5 blue loco after being captivated by seeing the original Moira when Rod Allcock brought it to Expong in 2004. WeeMoira is hauling a train composed of CMR wagon no.1 which was gifted to Ted Polet by Philip Hancock, and Ted’s branch coach, which is not a CMR tribute, but does have family similarities and runs on original CMR Kemtron bogies that were also a present from Philip Hancock some years ago .
Photo: 021 Back to the main subject as we again see Alistair at the station with a train of the Kemtron balcony coaches .
Photo: 022 An evening shot (well that is my excuse for the fierce backlight coming through the windows) as Alistair eases the passenger train past the loco shed and heads down the hill towards Craig .
Photo: 023 A nice shot of Alistair, probably PD Hancock’s most easily recognisable Craig & Mertonford loco. The chassis for Alistair was built by Cherry’s of Richmond, Surrey in the early 1950’s with the body being built by another pioneering NG modeller, the late HB Whall. Alistair was built as with all the early CMR stock, to 4.5mm scale .
Photo: 024 Alistair again. This loco was and remains very much the “Pride of the Line” and has had the honour of appearing on the cover photo of Railway Modeller no less than 4 times. The very pale green livery (christened by Malcolm MacLeod as “Hancock’s Improved Locomotive Green” sits very well on this locomotive, particularly with the dark green and red lining .