Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt College, Winchester, 05 April 2014 Part 1
Apr 14, 2014Public
Photo: 001 Visitors know they are getting near to the event when they encounter the Wessex NGM Car Parking Checkpoint, here manned by Ted Stribling and Antony Young. NG & IRM Editor Bob Barlow is also keen to get in the picture !
Photo: 002 I grabbed a chance to capture the Editorial Team of 009 News in my lens shortly before the show opened – Tom Dauben (Contents Editor) in the Society Shirt and Steve Fulljames (Production Editor) in the Obligatory check shirt – well somebody had to wear one !
Photo: 003 The 009 Society sales team early in the day preparing for the cash frenzy about to take place. Peter Kirkby and David Camis take up their positions, whilst David Gander, Brian Guilmant and Bill Luty hold an unofficial Committee Meeting in the corner .
Photo: 004 009 Society Sales under way – Jim Paulger from the Kent Group seems to be stocking up with goodies quite well here !
Photo: 005 Representing the Societies and Associations that attended with publicity displays, I have chosen Amberley, not least because Sonia Oakey, other half of Wessex NGM member Jeremy Oakey was looking so happy !
Photo: 006 There can’t have been many NG model railway events that I’ve been to in recent years that hasn’t also been attended by Parkside Dundas. So, to prove that Andrew and Ian Hastie had come all the way to Hampshire from Kirkcaldy in Fife, some 10 hours each way by road, here is this year’s traditional photo for the scrapbook .
Photo: 007 On to the layouts! First up and in exactly the same place as he was in 2012, we find Tom Dauben with his developing piece of the Isle of Skye, Isle Ornsay. The layout has made much progress since NGS 2012 with some outstanding scenic effects emerging. Left to right in the photo are: Andy Hooper, Jon Reeves, Tom, Chris Matthews .
Photo: 008 Isle Ornsay is a DCC layout, and here we see Tom Dauben’s converted Roco 0-6-0 Staffa arriving with a branch mixed train whilst the passenger service waits for the arrival of the ferry from Mallaig on the other platform .
Photo: 009 A slightly longer view of the pier station at Isle Ornsay with Staffa on the mixed train again. Note the very impressive rock features and the surf. I can’t remember seeing better .
Photo: 010 A closer view of Tom’s superb surf and the stonework on the pier wall .
Photo: 011 A scratchbuilt passenger set using modified Ratio GWR coach sides with Jon Reeves’ 3D printed South African NG15 class 2-8-2 waiting to be released by the station pilot .
Photo: 012 A view from the paddle steamer bridge which will one day be moored at the pierhead along the length of the station looking towards the fishery and the village. Jon Reeves’ NG15 2-8-2 looks very impressive from this angle .
Photo: 013 A Hunslet-bash line-up! All 3 of these locos started off as the well known Parkside Dundas Sierra Leone/Welshpool Hunslet 2-6-2 body kit. The leading one has been built by Tom Dauben in the style of a Sri Lankan (Ceylon) 4-4-0T loco and has been extended with the addition of a bunker. The two shorter, sturdy looking locos behind are both by Tim Couling and are heavy duty 2-6-0T locos for his new Clyre Valley Railway layout that is currently under construction .
Photo: 014 The first of Tim Couling’s 2-6-0T Hunslet locos was shown in the NG Southwest photo set on test at Patrick Collins Ryedown Lane. For those that didn’t read the captions then, (!) the shortened Hunslet body has been built onto a Grafar 08 outside frame chassis that has had a set of Neil Sayer valve gear grafted on – very impressive indeed .
Photo: 015 Tim Couling requires two of these powerful locos for his Clyre Valley Railway project and since NG Southwest in February, he has built a 2nd one, which he showed here on its first outing. This class of locomotives will look very impressive when completed in Tim’s crimson lake livery .
Photo: 016 The only culinary photo of the day! Dave Bickerton (Pudley Wonderer or “Puds” on the NGRM-Online Forum) had spoken about his scratchbuilt pork and leek sausage rolls on the forum, remembered to bring some along, which he is here inviting Arthur Budd to sample, while Andy Hooper looks on. I was presented one myself; very delicious so I promptly awarded Dave the catering “star” that I had removed from the Sparsholt Bytes Restaurant as they had no fried bread at the much publicised and anticipated full breakfast………….
Photo: 017 I was very pleased to see the return of the Fareham Model Railway Club’s 09 Watt Estate Railway as I was very impressed with it when it appeared at NG South last time. Here are Ian Griffiths on the left in the photo and Graham Ive in the centre, the instigators of Watt Estate, along with ex-Chairman of the Fareham MRC Elliott Cowton on the right. This very attractive layout is featured in the October 2014 edition of Railway Modeller .
Photo: 018 Every time I have come across Watt Estate, it seems to have grown a new module, and this time it kept up the tradition with a very nice addition and has now grown into a very BIG 09 layout indeed !
Photo: 019 I didn’t have time to enquire, but I thought the layout was a little light on stock running this time round. Perhaps it was because the layout has got so big, or perhaps somebody forgot to bring one of the stock boxes – we’ll probably never know! Anyway, the one train that I did see running on both the occasions that I was able to see the layout, was this very nice steam passenger train – coaches from Peco 7mm scale NG modular components and the loco looks to me very much like a converted Grafar J94 saddle tank, but I was told that it is a pugbash, and the “customer is always right” so that’s what it is then !
Photo: 020 I rather like this photo showing the passenger train winding its way through the abtly named Plye Woods module on Watt Estate .
Photo: 021 The new module at Watt Estate is called Wheal Clamps for reasons that originally escaped me, as it is actually a very nicely modelled woodland scene depicting a charcoal producing operation. However, I am indebted to Michael Campbell who informed me that an earth covered charcoal burning kiln is called a "Clamp" - so, clever pun used for the module name fully explained! Thanks Michael !
Photo: 022 A set of flat wagons await loading with bags of charcoal at the platform. The scene shows 3 stages of charcoal production, a wood pile being constructed, a charcoal “kiln” awaiting firing and out of shot in this photo, an opened kiln with the charcoal and ashes exposed .
Photo: 023 The original module at Watt Estate, the also imaginatively named Howt Works, where His Lordship appears to be visiting today having come down from the big house in his Rolls Royce Phantom 1 .
Photo: 024 The only other loco that I spotted at Watt Estate on this visit was this little Orenstein & Koppel, built on a Fleischmann Piccolo 7000 chassis. There was no sign while I was there of the wide range of IC locos and Heywood style stock that I have seen on previous encounters with the layout – oh well, I will look out for a future appearance at another show as it really is a very attractive layout indeed .