East Midlands Group, 009 Society Members Day, Portland College nr Mansfield, 29 June 2014
Aug 31, 2014Public
Photo: 001 The main hall quite early in the day .
Photo: 002 009 Sales Sales (and volunteer sales staff!) was safely transported from Steventon the previous day and set up for the next group of eager bargain hunters !
Photo: 003 A first glimpse for many of the Fourdees team, who are producing a limited run range of very well produced, painted and detailed ready to run 009 locomotives at very reasonable prices .
Photo: 004 The craft corner was well established in the second room being used for the day by the time I found them hard at whatever it is the ladies do with all those bits and pieces and I managed this quick snap before I was chased away .
Photo: 005 “I left you in this position”. Andrew Burnham at the controls of Rod Allcock’s Corris 1930 with the only thing different from where he was standing and what he was doing 24 hours previously being the room he was doing it in and the different people in the room. As he did the day before, Rod was keeping well out of the way, probably working very hard behind the scenes ..
Photo: 006 One of my favourite shots of the Corris passenger train (with no paying passengers as usual) wending its way through the village .
Photo: 007 The covered station shed at Corris, superbly modelled by Rod Allcock and Geoff Broadhurst .
Photo: 008 Another shot across the station throat at Rod Allcock’s award winning Corris 1930
Photo: 009 I could not resist another photo of the line snaking past the houses at Corris as it is such An atmospheric view .
Photo: 010 Older narrow gauge modellers will no doubt remember Avyn-A-Llyin from its appearance in Railway Modeller all of 22 years ago in the February 1992 issue. The layout is still very much going strong and was brought along to this event by Andrew and brother David Bailey. David is trying hard to duck behind the nameboard in this snap .
Photo: 011 Andrew Bailey poses proudly with Avyn-A-Llyin which was originally built by his father, David Bailey and was frequently exhibited in the north during the 1990’s. I remember first seeing the layout myself in Shipley sometime around 1991-ish and was very attracted by the superb wooden pier and beach scene. Great to have a chance to see this splendid layout again .
Photo: 012 Very realistically modelled summer low tide water lapping over a clear shingle beach at Avyn-A-Llyin .
Photo: 013 There is a wide variety of trains providing the services at Avyn-A-Llyin, this one needs no further explanation as a typical representative North Wales narrow gauge train! .
Photo: 014 Whilst this train pulling in at Castle Halt has something of a more exotic colonial air about it! .
Photo: 015 Two Austrian tourist trains at the pierhead terminus. Note the very realistically modelled wooden planking on the pier deck .
Photo: 016 Back on dry land and a heavy goods train passes through with an NGG16 Garratt working hard up the gradient .
Photo: 017 I remember this model being advertised in the Backwoods Miniatures kit catalogue some years ago, but I don’t think I have ever seen a completed model before. It is an 0-6-4T and I think I remember it being a model of a locomotive built by the Yorkshire Engine Company. If I am wrong, I am sure I will be informed quickly enough! A very attractive and well finished model indeed anyway .
Photo: 018 Another very individual and impressive locomotive passes through Avyn-A-Llyin. This is a Hunslet 2-6-4 that has found its way to North Wales all the way from India. I do not know the provenance of this very well made model, but something at the back of my mind is suggesting Arthur Belshaw and his erstwhile Lambton Engine Works to me. Can anybody provide information about this splendid model please? ,
Photo: 019 Moving back into the main hall, the first layout spotted was Wood End, another award winning layout, originally built by Chris Ford and Nigel Hill and won them the first Reinier Hendriksen Trophy that was awarded at ExpoNG in 2000. The layout is now owned by Steve Penn and it was good to see this excellent little layout still in very good form .
Photo: 020 Wood End is a U shaped terminus to terminus layout that does not have a fiddle yard. I believe it was one of the first layouts to be built to this now quite frequently seen design. The major plus point of this type of layout is that it provides an actual “journey” for the trains to travel, and a good length of run in a spacious uncrowded setting but still in a compact size of layout .
Photo: 021 A passenger train arrives at Wood End station whilst an ancient Hudson Hunslet diesel loco potters around .
Photo: 022 A busy scene at Brookside, the other end of the line from Wood End .
Photo: 023 The Beyer Peacock tram locomotive, recently purchased secondhand from the Glyn Valley, shunts the daily goods at Wood End. Note the Bagnall open wagons in the coal siding, universally known as “bagwags” .
Photo: 024 I’m confident that under this distinctive loco lurks a Quarry Hunslet, but the extra detailing and tweaking has quite successfully created a very individual engine. The certainty is that it is mounted onto an Ibertren 0-4-0 chassis! .