Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt College, Winchester, 14 April 2012
Apr 27, 2012Public
Photo: 001 Narrow gauge modelling enthusiasts are prepared to travel long distances at considerable expense nowadays to get to a show like Sparsholt. Leading by example in both commitment and modelling skills are my friends from the Dutch Group of the 009 Society, 4 of whom are pictured here enjoying a well deserved breakfast in the college restaurant after their long journey. Clockwise from the left: Dick van Beek, Ted Polet, Jaap Stuurman, Bert van Rhijn.
Photo: 002 A brief photo of the culinary delights available at events has become a popular feature of my reports, so here’s a quick view of the 5 star breakfast that I enjoyed in the college restaurant at 8am, a very satisfactory way of fortifying oneself for the arduous day ahead !
Photo: 003 The very attractive 7mm NGA demonstration/test track, featuring 16.5 and 9mm gauge tracks.
Photo: 004 There were over 20 traders present, and none better for a representative view than Ian and Andrew Hastie of Parkside Dundas, who had travelled all the way from Kirkcaldy in Fife to be present and support the hobby.
Photo: 005 A relatively new trader on the scene is Allen Law with his very professional and rapidly growing range of 09, Gn15 and now Sm32 etched brass range marketed as Minimum Gauge Models.
Photo: 006 A scene across the Minimum Gauge Models most attractive demonstration layout.
Photo: 007 A modern image diesel loc passes through the frontage of the Minimum Gauge Models layout with a train of two Bassett Lowke 8 seater coaches and a freelance brakevan. Ravenglass loco ICL1 in the foreground and a Rhyl Miniature Railway 10 seater open coach just in front of the greenhouses.
Photo: 008 Christopher Payne brought his much admired 1:34 scale 16.5mm gauge Portpyn for its first showing in the UK for over 6 years, and to celebrate it’s 18th birthday on the exhibition circuit as it made its debut at NG South 1994 !
Photo: 009 A long zoom view across the quayside area of Christopher Payne’s Portpyn.
Photo: 010 A new loco made its debut at Portpyn as part of Christopher Payne’s 18th anniversary celebration for the layout. This is the very attractive little engine that has been built onto a Fleischmann 0-6-0 HO scale chassis.
Photo: 012 Another new loco (first time I have seen it anyway) on Portpyn is this chunky little tank engine that is directly inspired by although not a model of, the very popular 009 Varikit. The type transfers to the larger 1:34 scale very well in my humble opinion.
Photo: 013 A final view across Portpyn showing both the new locos and in the background, Christopher Payne’s tribute to the Craigcorrie and Dunalistair: George England 0-4-0T+T loco “Polet”
Photo: 014 Stoney Middleton is a well known Derbyshire Dales 0-16.5 layout that is now owned and has been further developed by Tom and Lyn Snook
Photo: 015 Tom Snook’s new Australian coffee pot steam railcar peeps its nose out into the cold Derbyshire air early one morning. How do I know Tom has a new railcar? I sold it to him on the 009 Society Sales stand in Truro a couple of weeks before NG South!
Photo: 016 Tom Snook has added a complete new board with a mining scene to Stoney Middleton. A simplex loco emerges from an adit with a train of skips in this photo
Photo: 017 A charming little box tank loco spotted on Tom Snook’s 016.5 Stoney Middleton
Photo: 018 Peter and Judi Marshall with Two Sisters Farm, an agricultural scene in 1:32 scale featuring Peter’s collection of scratchbuilt and very quirky locomotives.
Photo: 019 Two Sisters Farm, 1:32 scale on 16.5mm gauge by Peter Marshall.
Photo: 020 This tiny 0-4-2ST Porter locomotive is one of the few steam engines that are to be found at Two Sisters Farm.
Photo: 021 A powerful and unusual diesel locomotive growls into the yard at Peter Marshall’s Two Sisters Farm.
Photo: 022 David Angell showed his attractive 0n30 Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad.
Photo: 023 Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad, a large 0n30 layout by David Angell.
Photo: 024 A 30” gauge oil-fired 2-8-0 waits for its next turn of duty whilst on the high level line an Australian coffee-pot steam railcar shows that it is quite at home in the USA on the Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad.
Photo: 025 More of the impressive stock and scenics on David Angell’s 0n30 Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad.