Sussex Downs 009 Group Open Day, Lancing, 28 March 2015
Apr 4, 2015Public
Photo: 001 Exhibition Manager Martin Collins starts to relax now that the doors are safely open, teabags have arrived and volts have started to flow to all layouts. Paul Davies keeps an eye on the till, whilst young Mr Campbell Junior has more important things to concentrate on than silly adults playing trains .
Photo: 002 The Sussex Downs Group display case with superb models by SDG Members (bottom shelf) Martin Collins, (middle shelf) Simon Wilson and top shelf: Tim Sanderson and guest Ted Polet .
Photo: 003 A closer look at the top and middle shelves of the display case, (which I consistently fail at taking photos through glass with) featuring models by Tim Sanderson, Simon Wilson and Ted Polet .
Photo: 004 I didn’t manage to get a decent photo of Martin Collins’ model display, but did get an acceptable image of his Gem Varikit, Myfanwy. Built onto the Minitrains F&C outside frame chassis, this is one of the best Varikits that I can remember seeing .
Photo: 005 Pete Wilson looking very sad as he realises he's the only member of the Meridian Models team who isn't called Neil. Neil's Briggs and Moss appear to be quite content, whilst Neil Sayer has better things to concentrate on .
Photo: 006 A Glimpse of the 009 Society sales table. Brian Guilmant reported that stocks are very low, but there was certainly enough to keep the cash and plastic flowing all day. Further trade support was provided by the rapidly growing and very popular Narrow Planet, but I did not photograph the staff for fear of compromising the security of the Bentley and private helicopter parked outside. Your success is well deserved chaps and testament to my empty wallet! .
Photo: 007 Our first layout visit is to John Thorne’s latest layout, Bottle Kiln Lane. Julian Evison is operating in this view .
Photo: 008 An overhead view of Bottle Kiln Lane, showing John Thorne’s characteristic scenic detail and colour. Another winning layout from John .
Photo: 009 A view of Bottle Kiln Lane looking from the Kiln end of the layout .
Photo: 010 Shunting in progress at the wharf siding of Bottle Kiln Lane .
Photo: 011 A better view of the canal wharf at Bottle Kiln Lane .
Photo: 012 This photo set of Bottle Kiln Lane features a number of John Thorne’s varied and interesting fleet of small industrial IC locomotives. First and inspired by an example that is in the Dutch National Smalspoor Museum at Valkenburg is this Jung, a single cylinder 10hp machine built in 1929 .
Photo: 013 This is also a Jung inspired by one that is in the Valkenburg museum, and also built in 1929. This Rusby’s Resin loco, built onto a tiny Tu-DekI chassis is based on a Jung MSZ130 which is a 2 cylinder machine ,
Photo: 014 I’m not sure what this diesel loco is – any takers? I think it might be a canopied version of a Chivers Hudson Hunslet but will happily stand corrected if someone can be more specific please?
Photo: 015 One of my favourites in the small diesel loco sector is this Ruston & Hornsby 27-32 built from the Meridian models kit and in the case of this one, John Thorne has built it onto an Arnold Kof2 chassis which produces a very sweet running model .
Photo: 016 A canopied version of an RT Models Lister, sitting on its recommended Kato Portram bogie lurks in a siding amongst the lush vegetation at Bottle Kiln Lane .
Photo: 017 John Thorne has not abandoned steam locos and there are still a great number in his roster, it is just that on this occasion I concentrated on the small diesels. To keep those having withdrawal symptoms happy, here is a shot of the Bottle Kiln Lane steam loco shed, with a small freelance tank loco being coaled .
Photo: 018 A display of a small proportion of John Thorne’s extensive locomotive roster on display above the Bottle Kiln Lane fiddle yard. The Minitrains Gmeinder diesel, a small proprietory HOe loco, at the head of the rear row of locos gives some scale to the tiny engines posed on the front row. Models featured are by Rusby’s Resins, Nigel Lawton, RT Models, Saltford and scratchbuilt by John .
Photo: 019 The fiddle yard at Bottle Kiln Lane is served by a cassette system, as are the fiddle yards on all of John’s several award winning exhibition layouts .
Photo: 020 By request of the layout owner, a certain little green railcar descended by hand-in-the-sky to visit Bottle Kiln Lane for a photo opportunity – and log yet another layout visit for the Roving Reporter! .
Photo: 021 Next we visit one of the two 7mm scale 0-16.5 layouts presented on the day, This is Greg Dodsworth with his superb little Colonel Stephens inspired layout, Felsham Lane .
Photo: 022 Greg Dodsworth likes building coaches! And even in a small layout like Felsham Lane it is possible to show a large variety of them. A morning passenger service arrives at the tiny rural terminus .
Photo: 023 The very neat little 0-4-0T loco on the passenger train has been built onto a very old Mehano chassis that was made in the former Yugoslavia some 20 or more years ago and sold very cheaply at the time. Greg’s loco was running perfectly despite its vintage! .
Photo: 024 A closer look at the two Glyn Valley style 4 wheel coaches and the very attractive toastrack open coach that reminds me very much of a 3 compartment one that PD Hancock had on his legendary Craig & Mertonford 4mm scale layout way back in the 1950’s