Expo Narrow Gauge, Swanley, 31 October 2015 Part 1
Nov 29, 2015Public
Photo: 001 The view across the main hall, this year taken from the entrance to the smaller hall, diagonally opposite from where I normally take the traditional main hall photo. In the foreground is the elusive ABS Models (or so some people claim) in attendance, as they are every year! ,
Photo: 002 One of the squash courts held a number of trade and society stands. In no particular order:: Model Railway Developments; Leighton Buzzard NG Railway; Wrightscale; British Overseas Historical Railway Trust;  Amberly Museum and Heritage Centre ,
Photo: 003 Spotlight on the traders 1: I usually try to feature a few of the many traders who support the hobby. Here is Nigel Lawton with his superb range of kits for modellers in 009 and 7mm scale .
Photo: 004 Spotlight on the traders 2: Parkside Dundas happily travel from Kirkcaldy in Fife to NG shows large and small throughout the country. Ian (on the left) and Andrew Hastie are very familiar sights to modellers and their support to the hobby is very much appreciated .
Photo: 005 Spotlight on the traders 3. Kevin Trim is well known and highly appreciated within the 7mm scale world with his superb range of Dorset Kits .
Photo: 006 Spotlight on the traders 4. Good to see Steve Bennett back in action after a period of illness. Steve is very well known in the specialist world of Gn15 scale for his Black Dog and Black Cat ranges of resin kits . .
Photo: 007 Spotlight on the traders 5. All railway modellers need supplies of tools and specialist items and one of the leading purveyors in this genre are Eileen’s Emporium .
Photo: 008	The 7mm NG Association were present in force with their own 2nd Hand Sales, Products, Publications and of course Publicity. This view shows just the 2nd Hand Sales part of their stand, with Bob and Julie Cope busily helping customers to spend their cash .
Photo: 009 The 009 Society “members sales and recycling service” once again filled a complete squash court and the hard working volunteer sales staff were hard at it keeping eager bargain hunters satisfied all day .
Photo: 010 The Sussex Downs Group of the 009 Society traditionally provide a publicity table for the Society in the main hall, but as they were otherwise engaged this year (see later in the report!), Garry Whiting brought a very impressive collection of his models to fill the display cases on the table. Garry (left) is seen here with Society Chairman David Gander. Richard Glover is hiding behind the display case on the right, but we catch up with him later on! .
Photo: 011 Just a few of Garry Whiting’s extensive display of models. This shelf of one of the display cases featured a wide selection of baby Bagnall locomotives – colloquially known as “Midges”. The unpainted one in the foreground belongs to Simon Hargraves .
Photo: 012 This photo shows the (current) full range of 009 Society exclusive kits. The forthcoming new RNAD brakevan is on the centre row .
Photo: 013 A closer view of the new 009 Society exclusive RNAD brakevan kit, which is expected to be released in early 2016 .
Photo: 014 Over on the Peco publicity stand, I spotted the eagerly awaited 9” radius 009 points, which are shortly to be released .
Photo: 015 More Peco ready to run stock that is nearing a release date in the form of a pair of very attractive Glyn Valley 4 wheel coaches .
Photo: 016 And the one that everyone (apparently) is waiting for, the Heljan Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle 2-6-2 that is hoped to be available as a ready to run 009 model during 2016 .
Photo: 017 The Dave Brewer challenge this year, in honour of the late Chairman of the Greenwich & District NG Society, who organise ExpoNG, was stated simply as “bridges”. Fortunately nobody turned up with a G scale version of the Forth Bridge, but some very innovative and artistic renditions were submitted by all who entered. The first one we see is Blacketty Water a bridge carrying an 8mm gauge railway by Mark Greenwood .
Photo: 018 This one is titled “Bridge 2” modelled by West Midlands 009 Group member Will King .
Photo: 019 Richard Glover produced this South American rendition: “The Bridge to Nowhere”, a headshunt on a zig-zag gradient in the Andes, where there was no flat land available for the headshunt .
Photo: 020 The Connecting Bridge, in Sn30 by Maurice Hopper .
Photo: 021 Danny Figg of the Beds & Bucks NG Modellers provided the Newnes Street Bridge, carrying an 00n3 funicular .
Photo: 022 This charming little diorama was by French visitor Edwina Lacour with an HOe tram featuring in un P’tit Coin d’Paradis (A small corner of paradise)
Photo: 023 One of the Bridges at Orshlag-Holzbauer, an Oe entry from David Vannerley .
Photo: 024 Steffenbach Bridge by Mike Sharp in Zm scale .