Beds & Bucks NG Modellers Members Open Day, Barton Le Clay, 15 May 2016
Jul 30, 2016Public
Photo: 001 I failed to take my usual overall view of the main hall this time, so I have to content myself as an opener with a glimpse of the eager enthusiasts queueing to get their entrance tickets at opening time. Have you spotted yourself?
Photo: 002 First stop for many is the refreshments bar, to be greeted by (L to R) Michelle, Diane, Terri and Shelby with a host of tasty items! This year, the sausage butties were replaced by bacon ones, so in my book, not only the 5 star rating was safeguarded, it was assured! .
Photo: 003 A view of the 009 Society sales before it became submerged for the day under crowds of bargain hunters .
Photo: 004 7mm scale interests were provided by James Corsi who represented the 7mm NGA with a variety of interesting items mainly covering 0-16.5 and 0n30 aspects of the hobby .
Photo: 005 The nearby Leighton Buzzard Railway attended with their publicity stand .
Photo: 006 Spotlight on the traders: One I have not featured recently, but has become a welcome and popular attender at many of the NG model events is John Sutton with his specialist railway book stall, featuring a really good variety of NG books and publications .
Photo: 007 Spotlight on the traders 2: Steve Fulljames’ Narrow Planet range continues to grow from strength to strength and Bob Vaughan continues to spend much time in front of the stand – a worthy recommendation to everyone else who have not yet sampled the NP wares! .
Photo: 008 Bonus item 1: Not featured in the programme, Chris Krupa set up a demo stand to show some of his modelling skills and some items that caught my eye were these superbly finished small 009 coaches. Both of these were built from old Parkside Dundas kits, the one on the left being as the kit intended it to be and the open one being an open coach modified from the same components .
Photo: 009 Bonus item 2. A couple more of Chris Krupa’s superb coaches. This splendid pair started off as Colin Ashby single door closed coach kits, but you would have to look hard to spot this. Chris informed me that the windows have been enlarged and the distinctive clerestory roofs were formed from plastic card, N gauge fence parts for the sides and the kit's vacuum cylinder for the lamp top .
Photo: 010 Bonus item 3, also not in the programme. Danny Figg is a very prolific and skilled young modeller and a member of the Beds & Bucks Group. This little diorama was constructed as a competition entry for ExpoNG 2015. Very cleverly designed with al mirror as the backscene which gives the tiny diorama a feeling of considerable depth .
Photo: 011 The first layout featured is Nigel Smith’s 009 Tanybwlch, a present day model of the well known passing station on the Festiniog Railway. I would love to see this layout at a show sited next to Angus Watkins’ model of the same station, but featured in the c1900 period. It would make a fascinating comparison of how little the actual station has changed in a century but how the setting and particularly the vegetation has grown .
Photo: 012 Definitely “modern image”. A Down service train with the large Funkey diesel “Vale of Festioniog” at the head has just arrived at the station .
Photo: 013 A classic and instantly recognisable view of the Up side of Tanybwlch station with Hunslet 0-4-0ST Lilla at the large water tower .
Photo: 014 Another Down service train pulls into Tanybwlch, this time with one of the double Fairlie locomotives in charge .
Photo: 015 The same train as seen from track level on the Down side of the station .
Photo: 016 Single Fairlie Taliesin poses for a photo on Nigel Smith’s Tanybwlch layout .
Photo: 017 A rather nice view of Nigel Smith’s model of Hunslet 0-4-0ST Lilla .
Photo: 018 4mm finescale NG as a change from simply “009” in the form of John and Jack Shawe’s Slaggyford, a 7.85mm gauge 4mm scale layout, described in the programme as “008” .
Photo: 019 John and Jack Shawe with their 4mm scale 7.85mm gauge Slaggyford, a north country 2ft gauge line representing what Slaggyford station on the LNER Alston branch may have been like if the Brampton colliery railway had been built to 2ft gauge and extended to Alston .
Photo: 020 I’m not sure how Penrhyn Hunslet 0-4-0ST Blanche (in orginal pre-Festiniog preservation era livery) found her way up to County Durham on the Brampton Colliery Railway, but she clearly did so, as seen here on the 7.85mm gauge Slaggyford of John and Jack Shawe .
Photo: 021 The pioneering Tasmanian Garratt loco at work at Slaggyford, 4mm scale 7.85mm gauge .
Photo: 022 Another view of 7.85mm gauge Blanche on a train of coal tubs passing the Tasmanian Garratt on a passenger service at Slaggyford .
Photo: 023 Hunslet 0-4-0ST Blanche makes her way across the embankment outside Slaggyford .
Photo: 024 Some very interesting heritage North Wales Victorian passenger stock spotted at Slaggyford station, deep in the northern regions of County Durham! .