Narrow Gauge South West, Shepton Mallet, 20 February 2016
Apr 16, 2016Public
Photo: 001 The main hall, 5 minutes after opening time.
Photo: 002 The Gymnasium .
Photo: 003 009 Society Members Sales and Recycling Service: Left to right are: Brian Guilmant, Ian Turner. David Camis, John Bruce, Peter Kirkby and Lee Bryant .
Photo: 004 The opposite end of the hall from the 009 Society is the territory of the 7mm NGA with their full complement of publications, modelling products and secondhand sales .
Photo: 005 Spotlight on the traders: Steve Fulljames (Managing Director) and Jon Reeve with the rapidly growing and extremely popular Narrow Planet range of etched and 3D products and kits. Pete Wilson just managing to get into the photo on the left .
Photo: 006 Spotlight on the traders: Neil Sayer (of Neil Sayer Models – obviously!) with colleagues from the Greenwich & District Railway Society, including Neil Moss, who has Mosskito Models and Stuart Brewer who is the proprietor of the popular 009 Small Run Batch kits range .
Photo: 007 The first layout visited was Llanrug, Stan Williams’ excursion into small, manageable 009 layouts, which makes it a lot easier to cart around the country than the Gairloch & Wester Ross, which I believe now resides in his garage .
Photo: 008 Another overall view of Llanrug. With a size of around 3ft x 2ft (estimated, I didn’t think to confirm with Stan at the time), a pleasant layout can be produced with the classic loop and two sidings station providing a lot of operating potential .
Photo: 009 Ready to Run 009 has arrived! Every item of stock here is straight out of the box ready to run from Peco, (wagons and coaches), Bachmann USA (Skarloey loco) and Fourdees (Glyn Valley loco). The future of small scale narrow gauge modelling is looking bright indeed .
Photo: 010 A closer look at the Fourdees Beyer Peacok tram locomotive. This is a 3D printed model mounted on a Kato tram chassis, but the fine detailing and finish makes it worth every penny of the retail price. This enterprising small firm is rapidly gaining a reputation for high quality products .
Photo: 011 An overhead “track plan” view of Llanrug. I only found out after the show that this layout was originally built some years ago by fellow Wessex NG Modellers colleague Jerry Oakey and has since passed through several owners until coming to rest and being fully restored by Stan Williams. I will look forward to seeing this inspirational little layout at a future event in the hopefully not to distant future .
Photo: 012 Accompanying Stan Williams was fellow Merseyside modeller Roger Christian with his own small layout essay: South West Lancashire Light Railway, a layout directly inspired by the full size West Lancashire Light Railway .
Photo: 013 The loco shed scene on Roger Christian’s South West Lancashire Light Railway with typical small preservation scheme locomotives working, awaiting restoration and “on shed” .
Photo: 014 A small gathering of 1950’s and 60s classic cars add some (out of focus) atmosphere to the preservation railway scene having a summer gala day .
Photo: 015 One of my own favourite small industrial narrow gauge loco models is the Chivers Avonside 0-4-0T. I do hope this rather hard worked example soon gets to the top of the work list on the South West Lancs Light Railway, but unfortunately Roger has informed me that the model is now a permanent feature of the "awaiting restoration" scenic part of the layout. I'll just have to make my own working Avonside then! A splendid bit of heavy weathering by Roger Christian .
Photo: 016 Perspective and distance even on a small 3ft x 2ft layout can be achieved with careful and selective planning as illustrated here with a tourist train passing the far side of the old clay pit on Roger Christian's superb little layout. The rails and permanent way detritus lying amongst the weeds adds a further authentic touch .
Photo: 017 The passenger service pulls into the station with Hunslet “Pamela” in charge. This model is a 3D and etched body kit by Narrow Planet and is designed to fit onto a Minitrains chassis .
Photo: 018 Heritage quarry locos in the form of a Brian Madge small Hunslet and a superb model of a de Winton vertical boiler loco that Roger made from a Brian Clarke kit from long ago, Roger has informed me that it was built straight from the kit with no extra detailing, which says something for the design quality of this kit that was produced some 30 or more years ago .
Photo: 019 A pile of bits and pieces behind the loco shed adds more authenticity .
Photo: 020 Finally another overhead track plan view, showing the relatively complex track plan but cleverly designed to appear uncrowded and spacious from the normal viewing angle. Very inspirational! .
Photo: 021 Moving along the balcony in the main hall, we came to the Darjeeling and Himalaya Railway Society with an 009 diorama of one of the spirals on the line and featuring superb models by the late Gert Jensen .
Photo: 022 Gert Jensen’s fantastic North British class B 0-4-0ST complete with authentic 5 man crew spotted on the Darjeeling and Himalaya Society publicity stand .
Photo: 023 The D&HR Garratt is another superb model built by the late Gert Jensen .
Photo: 024 An overhead view of the D&HR spiral, which I was informed is to scale dimensions. Note the old 1950’s Morris Oxford mk 2 cars, still made under licence in India until recently under the Hindustan badge .