Oxfordshire NG Modellers Open Day, Steventon, 25 June 2016
Aug 5, 2016Public
Photo: 001 A quick glance across the main hall before it got too crowded. Lots of familiar modelling people identified !
Photo: 002 The 009 Society sales in full flow and the new sales team now fully up and running. Alan Hamer in fhe foreground, Publicity Officer Bill Luty who has been around for ever in the middle and the tall figure of Sales Officer Lee Bryant bent over in deep concentration on the other side of Bill. Retired long term Sales Officer and now Society Chairman Brian Guilmant is still around and can be spotted with his back to the camera at the far end .
Photo: 003 Spotlight on the Traders 1 – Allen Doherty with his Worseley Works and soldering tutorial workshop has come all the way from Manchester to negotiate a price for some scrap brass offcuts with retired 009 Society Chairman David Gander .
Photo: 004 Spotlight on the Traders 2 – Neville Kent has travelled even further, from Lesmahagow just south of Glasgow, with his N-Drive Productions.
Photo: 005 Spotlight on the Traders 3 – John and Jane Flower came down from Sheffield with their well known A1 Models, 4 and 7mm scale etched brass and recently 3D printed narrow gauge kits .
Photo: 006 Spotlight on the Traders 4 – Rob Kaczmarczyk represented the very popular Narrow Planet range of etched loco name and number etc plates plus the growing range of superb locomotive kits all on his own for this event. He appeared to be quite happy early in the day when I took this snap! .
Photo: 007 Spotlight on Societies – The Slim Gauge Circle attend a modelling demonstration and publicity stand at most of these group open day events and Steventon was no exception .
Photo: 008 Bonus Item – not in the show programme. Here is a standard Lidl (or possibly Aldi?) cardboard grocery box owned by Andi Nethercote. What has this to do with railway modelling? – Move on to the next photo!
Photo: 009 Here is the grocery box after being cut down and reinforced laterally and then treated with several coats of PVA/water mix papier maché .
Photo: 010 And here is the finished item – a robust, rigid and very lightweight baseboard for Andi Nethercotes next layout. Cheap and clever! We don’t JUST take photos of locomotives and cakes! .
Photo: 011 A small layout with a difference. Richard Standing has toyed with the idea of building a layout with an animated backscene. Richard has now realised his idea with a laptop computer and a real-time weather app called YoWindow. One constraint of this idea is that the layout is naturally required to be very small, only the size of the monitor screen. I suppose a bank of 50inch monitors would work just as well, but we aren’t all millionaires (or daft enough to try it I suppose!) .
Photo: 012 Richard Standing’s 009 “The Seaside Layout” which is a suitably descriptive and imaginative name. The layout is sub-titled “Where Seagulls Dare” in the programme, which I think that judging by the white splodges seen on the roofs of the beach huts, they did! .
Photo: 013 The beach huts on Richard Standings seaside layout were free downloads from Scalescenes. With the Oxford Diecast snack bar they certainly make a very colourful foreground to the scene .
Photo: 014 Richard Standing’s 009 The Seaside Layout .
Photo: 015 An aerial view showing the simple track plan and train cassettes serving The Seaside Layout .
Photo: 016 Richard’s approach to a fiddle yard traverser system is about as simple as it is possible to be. No runners, and it is actually more of a tray than a traverser as to move the tracks, it is simply a case of selecting the desired track with the white rotary switch in the cenre, sliding the tray manually backwards or forwards, butting up to the layout track and that's all there is to it! .
Photo: 017 A first viewing of this attractive little layout and I was honoured to be invited to arrive in my roving reporter railcar. Another one ticked off in the visits log! .
Photo: 018 A familiar small layout is the latest in a line of small animated diorama style layouts by Jim and Lyn Owers from the Isle of Wight, The Lochsanda Tramway is a 4mm scale scene set in the village of Glensheen on the tramway which runs from granite quarries further up the glen, down to the shores of Loch Linnhe .
Photo: 019 The passenger needs of the Lochsanda Tramway are met by a fleet of secondhand imported trams from several locations in Europe .
Photo: 020 Another imported European tram approaches Glensheen village on the loop line, whilst one of the electric locomotives that haul the granite trains is off duty in the small shed .
Photo: 021 An overhead view of Jim and Lyn Owers’ 009 Lochsanda Tramway as it skirts the village of Glensheen .
Photo: 022 My second visit of the show and another layout ticked off in the roving reporter visitors book. If you would like my railcar to visit your layout, please contact my personal assistant to apply. Rates are quite reasonable for a photographic souvenir of the event .
Photo: 023 They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, Ted Polet should be feeling very flattered with this very near absolute clone of his famous Nixnie layout, The Kydmoor Light Railway, brought along at late notice to fill one of the gaps from cancellations, by David Mitchell
Photo: 024 An overhead view of David Mitchell’s Kydmoor Light Railway. An attractive small layout with an identical track plan and I think the same dimensions as Ted Polet’s Nixnie.