South West 009 Society Group (SWOONS) at the Exeter Model Railway Exhibition, 01 June 2013
Jul 23, 2013Public
Photo: 001 This is what I was faced with as a bit of a photographic challenge when I arrived! The SWOONS layouts and display was set up directly underneath the huge green skylight, which with the sun shining, was bathing literally everything in a ghastly and horrible turquoise green glow! Photography looked as if it was going to be quite difficult today !
Photo: 002 This shot of Pig Dyke Farm shows the sort of effects that the overhead green skylight was having on any horizontal surface that reflected, so although I have done as much “creative” colour balancing and cropping as I have dared (I am not a fan of putting all sorts of cheats and loco steam etc in via photoshop), many of the shiny items such as water and locomotive cabs etc will still show green glints. Not an excuse for poor photos, just a whingeing abject waffle !
Photo: 003 This is a slightly improved version of photo 1 as a result of attempting to improve the colour balance and to show the SWOONS display in a slightly more complimentary fashion .
Photo: 004 The other side of the SWOONS island display, which was cleverly sited immediately behind the entrance table so that everyone who came to the show had to pass it .
Photo: 005 The SWOONS display cabinet that started as a cheap purchase from a 2nd hand furniture shop and was turned into a very professional looking display by the members. Note also the 009 Society publicity leaflets and the digital tablet showing a slide show of narrow gauge model photos. Quite a simple display but very effective .
Photo: 006 Geoff Bowyer and William Loyd manning the desk, alongside the Group’s photo display board (which I was very chuffed to see, included a couple of photos of my own models!) .
Photo: 007 Peco also attended the show with a display of their 009 products, including the recently introduced ready to run goods vehicles and the eagerly awaited Lynton & Barnstaple passenger coaches .
Photo: 008 Peter and Birgit Martin, with their assistant operator: Continental Modeller Editor Andrew Burnham, with Peter’s HOn3 (10.5mm gauge) DCC layout: Crock, Colorado, which has made considerable progress since it was last featured in my report from Ilton in January this year .
Photo: 009 The developing station area at Crock, (basking in the pale green sunshine) on Peter Martin’s HOn3 layout .
Photo: 010 A passenger train arrives at Crock, Colorado behind D&RGW 2-8-0 number 347 .
Photo: 011 2-8-2 number 461 heads into the Colorado mountains on a freight consist on Pater Martin’s “work in progress” DCC fitted HOn3 layout .
Photo: 012 “Life on the wrong side of the tracks” spotted at Peter Martin’s Crock, Colorado .
Photo: 013 Pig Dyke Farm, a “super pizza” originally built by Geoff Broadhurst, was an excellent setting for Rod Allcock to give some of his scratchbuilt stock a good run .
Photo: 014 An overhead view of Pig Dyke Farm from a slightly different angle, showing some of the really superb scenic work by Geoff Broadhurst .
Photo: 015 Rod Allcock’s scratchbuilt Kerr Stuart Wren crosses the bridge over Pig Dyke with a train of skips that Rod has very cleverly adapted using Roco chassis and shortened Parkside Dundas Rugga bodies
Photo: 016 Another one of Rod Allcock’s little masterpieces in the form of a tiny scratchbuilt Ruston & Hornsby LA diesel loco on the skip train at Pig Dyke Farm .
Photo: 017 An alternate view of Rod Allcock’s tiny Ruston & Hornsby diesel loco. This time the loco is out of focus instead of the tippers! Apologies .
Photo: 018 Some of Geoff Broadhurst’s superb scenic work on Pig Dyke Farm. In this case, the green tinge on the container is supposed to be there and is not caused by the overhead green skylight !
Photo: 019 I didn’t notice this loco when I photographed it until I uploaded my images from the camera! Another one of Rod Allcock’s little masterpieces, which Rod has informed me is a Margaret class Bagnall 0-4-0ST .
Photo: 020 Another shot of the Rod Allcock's Margaret class Bagnall with the Roco/Dundas converted skip wagons .
Photo: 021 Lynne Grant with another developing work in progress, Meadholme .
Photo: 022 A short passenger train at Lynne Grant’s country terminus, Meadholme. Note the hand built track .
Photo: 023 It looks a bit like a winter scene at Meadholme loco shed, but it will take on a different tone when the grass has grown !
Photo: 024 Ed Florey on the left with Stan Agar, and Stan’s layout: The Dragon’s Cave, which has come on in leaps and bounds since its last appearance in these reports, at Ilton in January this year .