A Visit To The Burnbake & Woodyhyde Railway
Jan 24, 2016Public
Photo: 001 The layout runs along the wall of a room. This view is from the halfway point looking across the loco shed towards the work in progress mine building .
Photo: 002 Overview of the layout in the opposite direction looking across the standard gauge transfer shed and the high level track that serves a jetty .
Photo: 003 Looking back towards the mine building with a view across the photographic backscene that David produced himself from his own photos of the local area .
Photo: 004 Another view of the outline shell of the under-construction mine building and a first glimpse of 50% of the line’s motive power in the shape of 0-6-0ST “Creech” .
Photo: 005 The low level line passes through a stud wall and loops back to rejoin the layout behind the transfer shed, providing a continuous run for “testing” and “letting them have their head of steam”. 0-6-2ST “Arne” makes a first appearance .
Photo: 006 Arne again, with a train on the high level line. I understand that the first three wagons are carrying peat .
Photo: 007 The same train heading across the flyover. Note the realistic heather and gorse, watch out for adders! .
Photo: 008 This is where the return loop comes back to join the main layout behind the transfer shed and create a continuous run ,
Photo: 009 Permanent way duties on the Burnbake and Woodyhyde are low tech and manpower intensive! ,
Photo: 010 Arne propels a train of loaded skips into the transfer shed .
Photo: 011 Same scene, different angle! The standard gauge line will join the Swanage branch about a mile away to the east and then onto the Southern main line at Wareham .
Photo: 012 Same angle this time, but a different train as Creech appears with a train of bolster wagons .
Photo: 013 Creech displays her antler smokebox decoration as she passes the PW gang at work shoring up the thinning ballast .
Photo: 014 Creech again, this time hauling a load of loaded clay skips .
Photo: 015 A close up of David’s first loco, 0-6-0ST Creech. Students of “bashed 009 loco provenance” may be able to spot the Roco feldbahn chassis under the scratchbuilt body .
Photo: 016 Creech is certainly not a pretty or dainty loco, but does project a certain hard working and duly scarred image which gives the model great character .
Photo: 017 Last look at Creech in this little sequence as she poses outside the loco shed with a wagon load of loco coal that has come in from the outside world via the transfer shed .
Photo: 018 The next few photos feature Arne, David’s second loco for the Burnbake and Woodyhyde Railway. This was a model that he rescued in unloved condition from a tray on the 009 Society sales stand and duly did some restoration work to produce an operational locomotive .
Photo: 019 A broadside view of Arne. The chassis is an old Bachmann 0-6-0 which has had a pony truck added and the body started off as a Chivers Beddgelert, creating a rugged Hunslet working loco .
Photo: 020 Arne comes into view under the flyover .
Photo: 021 A rugged workaday front view of Hunslet 0-6-2ST Arne
Photo: 022 I had to resort to a flash photo for this one, but include it because it shows a broadside view of the shed and its environs. We’ll meet that rather strange looking little bug shaped thing on the lower right of the photo shortly! .
Photo: 023 The two locos are out working leaving the shed and the staff to enjoy the quiet summer day amidst the striking heathland scenery of Purbeck .
Photo: 024 The permanent way gang’s trolley is parked up in the shed siding along with a couple of other wagons, whilst the main line snakes away across the heath towards the mine .