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Aug 19, 2009Public
Photo: Street scene in Old Quebec City (note the artist in the street on the left). This is with a impasto effect. All prints are available as fine art prints on canvas or fine art paper. Contact for more information.
Photo: Old world gothic oil paint effect
Photo: Impressionistic pointilism effect
Photo: Gouche on paper painting effect
Photo: Graphic print collage effect
Photo: Oil Paint effect
Photo: Embroidery effect
Photo: Pastel effect
Photo: Watercolor effect
Photo: Inside Saint Anne De' Beaupro Basilica, Gouche paint effect
Photo: Gothic Oil Painting Effect
Photo: Embroidery effect
Photo: Impasto effect
Photo: Oil Painting effect
Photo: Statue of St. Anne holding the infant Mary atop Saint Anne De' Beaupre Basilica...Impasto Effect
Photo: Abandoned boat on Isle De' Coudre...pastel effect
Photo: Gouche on canvas
Photo: Gouche on Paper
Photo: Oil Painting effect
Photo: One of the only European-style windmills in North America, Isle De' Coudre, Quebec...Old world gothic oil effect
Photo: Impasto on canvas effect