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Jun 18, 2009Public
Photo: Beatle Bailey
Photo: Maddyson
Photo: Maddyson and Sampson when they were puppies
Photo: Just a few months old
Photo: Sampson, Beatle Bailey and Maddyson
Photo: Murray and Symon as kittens
Photo: Who couldn't love this face? Sampson
Photo: Or this face? Maddyson
Photo: Joanie holding Sampson in his winter finest.
Photo: Sitting on a park bench...Symon
Photo: Murray on the front porch
Photo: Daddy what are doing to me? Beatle Bailey in a big flower pot
Photo: Sampson, Beatle and maddyson in the back yard
Photo: Beatle
Photo: Sammy
Photo: Maddy
Photo: Hi everybody!
Photo: Ginger and Pepper, the latest editions to the family...adopted on July 8th, 2009
Photo: Ginger
Photo: Pepper
Photo: Put the camera down would you...
Photo: See, they are all getting along!
Photo: Ginger and Pepper