Trip to Spain
Sep 5, 2013Public
Photo: The girls juicing oranges first morning
Photo: Pool-side view at Clare and Clive's
Photo: Millie by the pool
Photo: The girls and I in Mijas
Photo: Lunch in Mijas
Photo: Donkey taxi stand
Photo: A late-night swim
Photo: Millie working on her high-jump
Photo: ...and long-jump!
Photo: Katie on Midnight
Photo: The girls at the lake
Photo: One-two-three...
Photo: Mountain biking with Gill, Clive and Martin
Photo: Homemade pizza with Clare
Photo: Family shot before dinner
Photo: On the road to Ronda
Photo: My girls!
Photo: Bridge across the gorge in Ronda
Photo: Old secret steps down to the river
Photo: Bottom of the gorge
Photo: Millie and Katie
Photo: Great view below the bridge
Photo: Katie looking over the edge
Photo: Pool volleyball