January 2016
Dec 31, 2015Public
Photo: Tim and Hugh
Photo: Sarah with Penny and Sylvie looking on
Photo: Sarah, Penny and Tim(with Penny B hidden)
Photo: Penny and Tim
Photo: Viva la Bonnevie's Drag!
Photo: Penny and Hugh
Photo: Robin
Photo: Robin and Penny
Photo: Early morning Chamois on the Col
Photo: Stepping in
Photo: Avalanche debris in the Glacier Pers
Photo: Jean, Bunny, Sylvie, Penny and Tim
Photo: Sylvie
Photo: Wind patterns
Photo: Bunny and Sylvie
Photo: Tim
Photo: Jean
Photo: Bunny
Photo: Sylvie and Jean
Photo: End of the gorge
Photo: Henry, Suzanne and TJ
Photo: My favourite bubble!
Photo: Mont Blanc
Photo: Pascale