January 2012
Jan 1, 2012Public
Photo: The Birthday boy!
Photo: Gill below the Balme
Photo: Chrissy
Photo: Happy Birthday Chris
Photo: After dinner games
Photo: Off-piste team
Photo: Mark, Rob, Ruth, Penny, Walter, Stephen and Harriet
Photo: Robert 19/01/2012
Photo: Ready to 'skin'
Photo: Katie, Anna, and Kiera
Photo: Katie, Anna, Millie, Gill, Kiera, and Laura 15/01/2012
Photo: Flowing out of the gorge
Photo: Wind waves on Grand Torsai
Photo: John, Jean and Richard entering the Col Pers
Photo: What's left on the Glacier
Photo: Ouch!
Photo: Last night's Polo
Photo: Kaye/ Crete du Genepy/ 13/01
Photo: Dawn
Photo: Jean and Gill
Photo: Richard
Photo: Gill
Photo: Jean, Gill, Stephen and the Sana
Photo: Kaye