May 2014
May 1, 2014Public
Photo: Stunning last morning views!
Photo: Top of the Signal into the Grand Vallon
Photo: Derek's opening turns in the Vallon
Photo: Stephen
Photo: Peter in the mood!
Photo: Stephen on support layer with a lovely cushion!
Photo: Colin
Photo: .....and again!
Photo: Derek with Colin in the background
Photo: Paul, Colin and Peter
Photo: Paul's spray with Peter and Stephen
Photo: Derek up high in the Combe du Signal
Photo: ....and again!
Photo: ....and Stephen and Paul
Photo: View heading into the Vallonnet
Photo: Tiny slide with a huge accumulation-nasty!
Photo: The boys in the Vallonnet
Photo: A long way down!!!!
Photo: Peter and Paul on the Borsat
Photo: Colin, Derek and Stephen on the Borsat Nord with lovely supporting snow
Photo: Colin on the Col des Ves
Photo: ....and Stephen
Photo: Paul on the big face of the Balme
Photo: ....and Derek