March 2015
Mar 3, 2015Public
Photo: Peter and Jean at the Gourmandine
Photo: Signs of strong winds towards the Fornet
Photo: Team braving a gust
Photo: Adam with first tracks on Bonnevie's Drag
Photo: Ray
Photo: Ben
Photo: Adrian
Photo: Jean and Charlie
Photo: Jean off Tommeuses
Photo: Charlie
Photo: Adrian
Photo: 7:15AM this morning
Photo: In front of Chevallot
Photo: Gill
Photo: ....and again!
Photo: Snow-mobile had been blown over!
Photo: Beautiful sky towards the Charvet
Photo: Towards the Sana
Photo: Heading towards the sun and away from the dark clouds in Tignes
Photo: En route to the Face du Charvet
Photo: Hannah
Photo: Jean in surprisingly wintery snow!
Photo: Richard, Jean and Will
Photo: Hannah and Jean off Wayne's Shoulder