Feb 20, 2010Public
Photo: 牆-牆角
A Corner
Photo: 遇牆則牆-騎士
Changing into the Wall - Knights
Photo: 走過公園
Walking through the park
Photo: 公園女孩
A Girl in the Park
Photo: 牆 I
The Wall I
Photo: 牆 II
The Wall II
Photo: 公園生活-搖搖馬
The Trojan
Photo: 公園生活-溜滑梯
The Slide
Photo: 公園生活-鞦韆
Photo: 公園生活-餅乾
Photo: 公園生活-城堡
The Castle
Photo: 牆-紅髮女孩
The Red-haired Girl
Photo: 牆-知識的角落
The Corner of Knowledge
Photo: 遇牆則牆-高級房車
Changing into the Wall - Luxury Cars
Photo: 遇牆則牆-溜狗
Changing into the Wall - Walking the dog
Photo: 欲牆則牆-換座騎變牆
Changing into the Wall - Gone up by the Mount
Photo: 遇牆則牆-三隻小豬
Changing into the Wall - The 3 Little Pigs
Photo: 公園生活-合作
Photo: 光痕
Photo: 暖陽
Photo: 牆出頭-黃牆
Passing through the Wall - A Yellow Wall
Photo: 牆出頭-紅牆
Passing through the Wall - A Red Wall