Moscow, St.Basil - The Other Chapels
Dec 5, 2015Public
Photo: The southern chapel is dedicated to the Velikoretskaya (Velikaya River) Icon of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker.
Photo: Right below the southeastern chapel which is dedicated to St. Alexander of Svir, whose memory is celebrated on August 30 (September 12, New Style).
Photo: This is one of the cathedral’s smaller churches, having a height of 15 meters. Its base, a tetrahedron, turns into a low octahedron and is topped with a cylindrical lantern drum and a vault. 

In the course of restoration work carried out in the 1920s and in 1979-1980, the interior of the church with its herringbone-patterned brick floor, profiled cornices and corbelled windowsills was restored to its original appearance.
Photo: The walls of the church are painted to imitate brickwork. In its dome, an imitation brick spiral, a symbol of eternity, is to be seen.
Photo: The cathedral’s central chapel is dedicated to the Protecting Veil of the Mother of Church of St. Vasily the Blessed on the feast day of which — October 1 (October 14, New Style), 1552 — the victorious assault of the city of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible’s troops began. 

The height of the church is 47.50 meters. Up to the end of the 16th century, the Cathedral of the Protecting Veil remained the tallest structure in Moscow.
Photo: Right below the, take your breath, the "Protecting Veil of the Mother of Church of St. Vasily the Blessed" central chapel.
Photo: Of course, only a magnificent chandelier will do in such a place.
Photo: Zooming as close as possible to the exquisite artwork which use to stand above all other buildings of Moscow.
Photo: The western chapel is dedicated to the Feast of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, which is celebrated a week before Easter and which is known in Russia, just as in some other northern countries, as Willow Sunday.
Photo: = Model and Plan of St. Basil's Cathedral =Maps of St. Basil's Cathedral with keys of its 10 chapels and belfry.