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Photo: Arriving at 19.990km where an army of photographs were shooting at us
Photo: via +steph wanamaker 

#50mostrelevant  this is 100% accurate  I talk to all of these people on a regular basis and the ones in the middle I do talk to daily !Now, how to have your most relevant 50 drawn in a nice image?
1. Go to and install the premium edition. Visualization function is free for everyone :-)
2. Open circloscope by clicking on it's icon in chrome toolbar
3. Choose the account/page you want to use circloscope on
4. Wait until loading your circles is done
5. Hit "shift+s" to select all people in your circles
6. In the left column, under "actions", find "visualize selected" and then choose "most relevant"
7. Your most relevant 50 is ready. Take a screenshot and share it if you like what you see and want others to know who your most relevant fellas are in Google+
8. Be my guest: You can copy-paste these instruction in your shared post :-)
Photo: Showing off my new rain jacket to my wife via a picture I emailed
Photo: Me as I would have seen me 200 years ago