British Columbia 2011
Jul 8, 2011Public
Photo: Front Yard, Victoria
Photo: Cook Street Village, Victoria
Photo: The Empress
Photo: A sign of Canadian health care
Photo: Seaweed, Long Beach
Photo: Starfish and shell
Photo: Woman and Dog Boats, Tofino
Photo: Lawn, Tofino
Photo: Long Beach
Photo: Tree from tree
Photo: Spruce trunk
Photo: Ellen braving the cold for a Pacific Ocean swim
Photo: Red boots, Long Beach
Photo: Tofino B.C.
Photo: Home, Tofino
Photo: Orcas, Tofino
Photo: Grass in the rocks, Tofino
Photo: Logs washed up on beach
Photo: Forest boardwalk
Photo: Sitka Spruce
Photo: Canada Day, Courtney
Photo: Canada Day, Courtney
Photo: Canada Day Parade, Courtney