Sep 13, 2014Public
Photo: Spanish moss, Emmet Park
Photo: Brightly colored bike tires all the rage
Photo: Savannah River nocturnal reflections
Photo: Huge ship from Asia heads into Savannah harbor
Photo: Sunday on the pier
Photo: City Hall
Photo: Watching the ships go by
Photo: City Market Cafe
Photo: Statue commemorating the Haitian soldiers who helped America against the British in Savannah
Photo: Coronet player, Warren Square
Photo: Warren Square
Photo: Reynolds Square
Photo: Psychic
Photo: Branches and windows
Photo: Car mural
Photo: Chippewa Square
Photo: Foley House Inn, Chippewa Square
Photo: Chippewa Square
Photo: Bottles in the rain, E Factors Walk
Photo: Cobblestone off River St.
Photo: Night bridge
Photo: Porch ferns
Photo: Troup Square with an Armillary Sphere in the background
Photo: Jungle Bells author a Savannahn.  Who knew?