San Diego 2012
May 29, 2012Public
Photo: Plaza Hotel from site of future Plaza at Horton
Photo: Flowering tree in front of ballpark
Photo: Bouganvilla at Pepco Park
Photo: Girls and Ellen's hoop
Photo: Ladies of Old Town banner
Photo: Old town flora
Photo: Old Town belle
Photo: Old Town door
Photo: Old Town home
Photo: Carlsbad mural, home
Photo: Lowrider homage, Oceanside Art Gallery
Photo: King Salad, Vista
Photo: Girl and her brother's hands, Vista
Photo: Beachcombers, Carlsbad
Photo: Beach, Carlsbad
Photo: 4349, Kensington
Photo: Kensington roof
Photo: Mural, Urban Solace
Photo: University of San Diego
Photo: Volleyball, Mission Beach
Photo: Boardwalk throng
Photo: Pelican, MIssion Bay
Photo: Cooper
Photo: 4233