Special Rolls
Mar 23, 2010Public
Photo: Rainbow Roll : A California Roll, rapped with different kinds of fish creating the color of the rainbow.
Photo: Sunrise Roll : A California Roll with tuna and avocado on the out side. Quail egg and tobiko in the center topped with special sour cream.
Photo: Caterpillar : Eel and Cucumber Roll covered with avocado on top.
Photo: Dragon Roll : A Tempura Roll covered with eel and avocado with tobiko on the side.
Photo: Lion King : A California Roll topped with salmon with special spicy sweet sauce, green onions, and tobiko baked on top.
Photo: Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll : Spicy Tuna Roll rolled on crunchy tempura crumbs.
Photo: Bay City Roll
Photo: Red Tiger Roll
Photo: Veggie Roll
Photo: Firecracker Ball
Photo: W Tuna Special
Photo: Salmon Crunchy Roll
Photo: Great Wave Roll