Chernobyl and Transdneistr - May 2008
Oct 17, 2011Public
Photo: I had the geiger counter in hand - wasn't any hotter here than anywhere else...
Photo: Reactor 4
Photo: Chernobyl reactor 4
Photo: Workers, like these lawn-mowing women, have been working at the site continuously since 1986
Photo: micro roetgens per hour - “baseline” for Chernobyl town - some 20 kms from the reactor
Photo: Pripyat town - 50,000 people worked and lived here in the shadow of the reactor
Photo: pripyat
Photo: pripyat
Photo: pripyat community cultural centre
Photo: pripyat
Photo: Bloc
Photo: Pripyat
Photo: Pripyat centre from the old hotel balcony
Photo: In the shadow of Chernobyl nuclear power plant
Photo: beware of the dangers of unsafe electrical appliances - how true indeed
Photo: gym in pripyat
Photo: air, land and sea
Photo: Wolf paw print outside the school in Pripyat
Photo: In Chernobyl town
Photo: Firefighter monument in Chernobyl
Photo: Kiev
Photo: Unequivocally the longest escalators in the world - 135m long with 743 steps each. Kreshatnik staion, Kiev
Photo: Tiraspol - left for Odessa, right for Chisinau