Cameroon to Kinshasa - Dec 2007 - Jan 2008
Oct 17, 2011Public
Photo: Streets of Douala and a cool corner bar
Photo: Coupe Coupe! Chop chop bbq spot for a mid-day meal
Photo: Chillin' with a Guiness Malta (non-alcoholic malt beverage)
Photo: all stocked up
Photo: hawkers advertise items by putting them on their heads - anyone looking for nylon webbing, by chance?
Photo: freshly grilled seafood
Photo: Dusty border town of Kye-Ossi. Triple border between Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon
Photo: Oil money theoretically gives Equatorial Guinea the second-highest per capita GDP in the world, but is it only skin deep?
Photo: rainforest
Photo: A pretty lonely border post
Photo: Lots of Catholic imagerry decorates everything in former Spanish Guinea
Photo: Big
Photo: Rewarding your loyalty - loyalty to pulling down the first-growth rainforests, perhaps.
Photo: Big, big logs
Photo: A small girl uses a bore-hole pump in a remote village near the equator in Eastern Gabon
Photo: Blowouts are a fact of life... We broke down pretty much exactly on the Equator
Photo: Help's at hand.
Photo: the train is coming...
Photo: Santa Claus rides the TransGabonais train aroun christmas time too
Photo: Pain chaude de Franceville
Photo: Franceville
Photo: tasty
Photo: Franceville sun