Bangladesh April 2012
Jul 7, 2012Public
Photo: Watermellon man, me
Photo: The river- the police escorts really didn't want us to come down here, but sandarghat is the most amazing part of Dhaka
Photo: real watermellon men
Photo: outside a chai house late at night
Photo: proud shop owner
Photo: pink palace - a colonial relic
Photo: Dhaka transport. note the extra bumpers on the car - they're used.
Photo: battle damaged side of a typical dhaka bus.
Photo: upcountry
Photo: Moulivabazar Government High School put on a really big do for our visit
Photo: learner
Photo: cow
Photo: kids at a small school upcountry
Photo: Traffic
Photo: Dhaka Airport's Finest
Photo: typical classroom - almost "emptied" for our visit.
Photo: planting beans with some kids for a international science project. My students in London planted beans in similar conditions.
Photo: how do they keep those uniforms so clean in such conditions - I do not know.
Photo: trust.