Kazakhstan and Krygyz Republic June 2012
Jul 7, 2012Public
Photo: Happy Kid
Photo: This lighting was awesome - in the mountains south of Almaty
Photo: Lake up in the mountains above Almaty - the level is very low. Soldiers explained that its because Almaty uses too much water - then asked me to move on in no uncertain terms.
Photo: Pretty cool instrument at the dilapitated observatory up here - probraby useful for blowing away aliens.
Photo: awesome long exposure shot the night before the event. Saturn is yellowish to the left, and mars is red just above the mountains on the right.
Photo: the disused shed I used to make the pinhole camera to oveserve the transit of venus
Photo: success! used a piece of A4 with a little hole.  That's it. Hello Venus!
Photo: Noticed that someone had brought this old dome to life! went to go check it out.
Photo: Perfect projection!
Photo: I didn't stare too long. I hope.
Photo: old man on a one way trip to monocular vision. (there were filters and most of the apterture was blocked, mind)
Photo: venus at my fingertips.
Photo: ladybird
Photo: shishalik. It's ubiquitous. and good.
Photo: Mudplugger Volga. Oh yeah.
Photo: The architecture of Almaty could be mistaken for the Death Star.
Photo: Soviet-era hotel in Almaty.
Photo: Want beer? get it here.
Photo: Krygystan
Photo: Bishkek. Modern city of soviet cookie-cutter urban design.
Photo: Every soviet city has a huge Bus Station. Trouble is they're just about abandoned.  Bishkek's does host nightly table tennis in the ticket hall though.
Photo: Lake issikyul is amazing. Super clear blue water and sandy beaches. Krygystan???
Photo: Mountains behind Almaty. Nice.