2009_JAN_08 Chiang Mai Zoo
Jan 9, 2009Public
Photo: Entrance to Chiang Mai Zoo, northwest of the city.
Photo: As we enter the zoo grounds, it is quite clear that Christmas celebration decorations are still prominent.
Photo: In entrance area, a nice “May Peace Prevail on Earth” post along with lovely flowers & spouting elephants.
Photo: The recommended hop-on hop-off open-sided buses will prove their worth (20 baht or 57 cents US) getting around this very large and hilly zoo.  A sliver of the monorail shows above.
Photo: Before we get on for the first bus ride segment, Keith gets this photo of the flamingo (or “'mingos” in Anya language) flock.
Photo: First stop: the Koala house, but we quickly learn they are nocturnal and this is mid-day!   Koala naps seem so cozy -- these may be the consumate tree huggers.
Photo: Of course you can always buy a furry companion to hug, sit beside, or carry with you as you travel - hmmm
Photo: so, so, suck your toe . . . . cages do beget neurosis - this is mild!
Photo: One old man meets another - or is that a lady elephant?
Photo: Well, up close and personal, he doesn't look quite so old -- for an elephant, that is.
Photo: Is the elephant laughing at the handler (mahout?) who mans the “pooper-scooper” in the elephant pen..??
Photo: Peg checks out one of the noisy Hornbills we came across.
Photo: A holiday greeting as we enter the Penguin house.
Photo: Humboldt penguins a long way from home, --- but not unhappy
Photo: Elephant saying hello to a little girl on our trolley.  He was big.  She was afraid.  We could have jumped off and paid a few baht to buy bananas to feed this guy, but we were in a hurry to find a place to eat lunch ourselves.
Photo: How do you liven up a couple of lazy Hippos?  Spend a measly 10 baht for some Hippo food and watch the action.
Photo: Gramma tosses whole carrots and small sweet potatoes.  Their chewing teeth are WAY back there.
Photo: FEED ME!!!
Photo: These are REALLY BIG guinea pigs -- called “Capybara”  They are bigger than most dogs.
Photo: This picture is for scale - see how big they are.  (also see grandma's new glasses)
Photo: You always let sleeping badgers lie - maybe a better/new English language idiom...?
Photo: We also let these smaller sleeping Leopard Cats continue their snooze.
Photo: These 2 Binturongs (Asian Bearcats) are also fast asleep.
Photo: I suppose some comment should be made about the ethics of zoos, but here we are rather enjoying it by not examining too closely either the ethics or the conditions.  In fairness, it seemed most settings at this zoo were pretty nice.