Remodel Obernhain
Jan 19, 2012Public
Photo: The Hessenhof just around the time we bought it.
Photo: The very early stages of removing plaster and shingles from the outside of the house.
Photo: We combined three rooms into one: kitchen, a treatment room of the previous owner - ex-dentist Kamrath - and one other nook.
Photo: One room was left to be our took room and it lost its wall last.
Photo: Some of the oak beam hidden under a layer of stukko were rotten and needed to be replaced.
Photo: Shortly after we started the remodel it looked much worse than when we bought it.
Photo: We could only afford scaffolding for part of of the house at a time. Here we have the plaster off the house and sealed the oak beams on the front.
Photo: A very narrow passage between us and the neighbor.
Photo: Here the scaffolding is on the backside of the main house.
Photo: Looks like some essential beams are missing here.
Photo: Right after we bought the place when we did not know yet what was ahead of us. We did not even know that the people living there had a rental agreement with the previous owner.
Photo: Before the plaster came off.
Photo: The back of the stable that was converted into a house during phase II and that we rented to friends.
Photo: We became really good with the chain saw during the replacement of some of the rotten oak beams.
Photo: Another view of that piece of art and craft.
Photo: This is part of what became the upstairs living room after the inner plaster (mud and adobe) had come off, plastering was done to the stone and straw fields and the oak beams had been sealed and stained.
Photo: Another view of the live-in kitchen. Some of the walls were open half-timbered work (insulated on the outside) and others were insulated on the inside so that the outside was open framework.
Photo: On the first floor, a little hallway connecting two big rooms and the bathroom in the middle - doorway on the right.
Photo: Another part of the live-in kitchen. The place of the old kitchen where later the new kitchen counters would be. The green laths would be used to afix wood paneling.
Photo: Part of the rotten framework removed awaiting new oak beams to be installed.
Photo: Removal of the old kitchen appliances.
Photo: All plaster of off and the beams are sealed and stained with a material that we got all the way from Scandinavia.
Photo: After all the plaster was off, we found, fortunately, not too much of the framework rotten. Putting plaster on such a house had been a sign of wealth in the 50s.
Photo: Out tool room was the only place with a bit of heat. We started the remodel in winter, and it was cold!