Sep 6, 2012Public
Photo: Acacia tree
Photo: Tanganyika map circa 1952
Photo: Union Castle map circa 1952, shows the rail line from Dar es Salaam to Kongwa and area
Photo: Southern Province of Tanganyika
Photo: A brave attempt. Subject to correction
Photo: Plan of a typical boys' house. Livingstone #1
Photo: Plan of house in girls' phaze
Photo: Bird's eye view of house in girls' phaze
Photo: Inside the banda
Photo: Banda interior with blokes on time-out
Photo: Rooter in action
Photo: Peter Levette and Ernie Morrie
Photo: More tractors
Photo: Groundnut scheme tent
Photo: Groundnut banda
Photo: Kongwa panorama with Mt. Chimlata
Photo: 400 tractors on deadline
Photo: A Thompson family
Photo: Digging out roots
Photo: Ernie Morrie
Photo: Kongwa scene with Church Hill and Lion Hill - unretouched
Photo: Peter Levette
Photo: The New Africa Hotel - Dar es Salaam
Photo: The Beach Hotel - Lindi