Kongwa connected
Jan 27, 2012Public
Photo: The school crest
Photo: Tony Edwards atop Snake Rock
Photo: Boys' mess
Photo: Cub troop
Six, names-unknown assistants
Peter Curly, Clive Knight, 
Robert Seabrook
Kenneth Aranky, Alex Morrison,
  Billy Neish, Sigurd Ivey
Miss Hambleton.
Photo: Hazel Miller. Sweet 16
Photo: Eva & Marie-Louise Sandberg
Photo: Names needed. 
Taken in front of St. Andrew's Church
Rev. Beasley presiding
Photo: Susan Adams (Left) with friends - Circa 1952
Names of other two girls?
Photo: Eva and Marie-Louise Sandberg, with mum
Photo: Ian Cook and Tony Edwards crossing the donga on the baobab root
Photo courtesy Ian Cook
Photo: Livingstone house master, Mr. Moore's house
Photo: Kongwa Hill in 2008 with Kiboriani range in bg
Photo courtesy Ian Cook
Photo: Sheba's Breasts - 2010
Photo courtesy Ian Cook
Photo: A part of the Kiboriani range visible from Kongwa
Photo courtesy Ian Cook
Photo: Kongwa station in 2008 sans rail lines
Photo: Morag Cormack, Barbara Larlham, 
Hendrina van Schoor 
Gill Burnett and Hazel Beaumont
Photo: Ann (Caddy) Macadam, Valerie Hext
Martha ?  ??
Photo: Reinheld Waltenberg - Wilberforce house prefect and head girl-1958, & Claudia Bonquardo - Vice house prefect
Photo: The old Red Cross caravan
Photo: Walk to the girls' mess
Photo: Wilberforce girls' flat
Photo: Valerie Hext
Photo: Valerie Hext & Marie-Louise Sandberg
Photo: R-L Dawn Scott, Sheila Neish, Susan Westley, Valerie Hext, Lionel Scott, Tessa Maure