Canadian Spring TikiFest Montréal and Ottawa
May 4, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Hard work at the airport
Photo: Here comes my flight
Photo: Vacuum-cleaning the clouds
Photo: Approaching London junction
Photo: Big Jet Plane
Photo: Wing and Flaps to Canada
Photo: Frozen View
Photo: Busy discussion at Alain's place
Photo: Who plays on Facebook here ?
Photo: Lunch break time !
Photo: Jean-Marc found something really interesting on his elbow...
Photo: Hackers in the Cellar
Photo: At the BigBlueButton's place
Photo: Bernard always smiling :)
Photo: JonnyB's Profile
Photo: Fred from BBB presenting new stuff
Photo: BBB roadmap (how it was planned)
Photo: Fred explains more
Photo: Gary and Jonny while testing new BigBlueButton
Photo: Rick and Marc (just ended the staring fight contest)
Photo: Indian restaurant dinner (with beers of course)
Photo: Wooden Ganesha on the wall
Photo: Nice indian style decorations