Gary's Fence
Dec 15, 2007Public
Photo: Requires very sturdy corner posts - 4' in the ground. Requires "cattle style" gates.
Photo: Unique "wire holders" - allow gardener to easily take fence down to move equipment over it.
Photo: Posts are spaced pretty far apart - in between are these little flexible plastic sticks to attach the wire to.
Photo: Picture of unique fence holders.
Photo: How they get placed on post.
Photo: The fence is actually very flexible - it is not tight like a traditional electric fence. The idea is that it gives like a spider web - makes it more resilient and less likely to break.
Photo: View of mini-post
Photo: View of clips used to hold wire in place
Photo: Gary's garden - he has had no problems with deer. However the fence does not work with rabbits and woodchucks.
Photo: Gary's garden
Photo: View of fence - the only wooden posts are on the corners - other than that the little plastic posts hold up the wire.
Photo: Nicely pruned persimmon tree.