CS178 Assignment 8 - Portraits and Light
May 29, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 3:

Both the backlight and the keylight came from the sun. I enjoy this shot because the shadows provide very diffuse lighting, while the sun itself highlights the man's face.

Also, the chairs provided a sense of pattern. I think the photo worked better because the other people's faces were darkened in comparison. It is clear that the old man is the subject here.
Photo: Requirement 3:

I liked this shot not for the amazing lighting or spectacular composition, but because of the child's expression and playful steps. She really makes me want to skip school and enjoy life :D

The sun provided a bit too sharp lighting as shown by the reflections in the cars, and the shadows gave her a soft diffuse lighting. This shot was more luck than planned. I was shooting from the waist (in order not to look like a weirdo taking pictures of little kids) and the diagonal lines did help to lead the eye in the shot.
Photo: Requirement 1:

Our friend here was the perfect model with excellent color in his eyes to boot. Here, we tried to get the 'Rembrandt triangle' on the left side of his face. As the background was the black curtains, the photo was underexposed by 1 stop. The main lighting came from the key-light lamp to the left side of thephoto. In addition, a stronger fill lamp was used above and to his side to create the 'triangle'.

The nifty50 really was an excellent portrait lens on a crop body, and wide aperture (perhaps too wide!) was used to isolate the subject.
Photo: Requirement 1:

Deep in thought. Our friend "Benj" was obviously thinking about the mysteries of life as given by his expression. We had a backlight/accent light that illuminated his shoulders. In addition, a key light to his right provided the main source of lighting here with sharp hard light.

 A lighter fill light to the right gave a soft diffuse lighting.

The brightness curves and contrast curves were augmented to increase the background blacks and to further highlight the illumination. <I love this lens! Check out how sharp the hair is!>
Photo: Requirement 1:

Our lovely subject was also deep in thought, probably about finals week. Here she is illuminated from the left by a stronger keylight, and to the right by a softer fill light.

The photo was also underexposed by a stop in order to keep from the background from exposing onto the scene. Even with the lighting and underexposure, it was difficult to get a sharp shot. I was forced to drop down to f/1.8
Photo: Requirement 4:

The back-light was actually the sun illuminating the curtains behind me. The curtains really helped to soften the light and provided almost even lighting (except for the folds in the cloth). The flash was bounced off the side to provide the fill lighting on the right side of my face.

I used a small aperture to try to keep as much of my face in focus as possible and keep other elements out of focus (especially the curtains). A reflector was used to bounce the flash to the left,and the flash bounced off my dresser to the side of my face. I wanted the light to illuminate exactly one half of my face.
Photo: Requirement 2,5:

I took a long exposure in which the scene was 'flash' illuminated by the flicker from the lighter. After each éxposure I moved to a new location and re-exposed. It's not realistic because ...yeah. There is slight blurring/flaring in the central shot, which is unfortunate. Any tips for getting rid of that?

To control the timing, I used a remote in order not to induce more blurring than was already present.