CS178 Assignment 3 - Macro
Apr 17, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 1,4:

Title: "Flower growing in the harsh wilderness" or something significant like that.

Even with the high shutter speed, the photo came out overexposed so had to tone it down a bit in PS.
Photo: Requirement 3:

Bug. I think its a moth, the bright day let me take a quick shutter speed to freeze the action before it flew away
Photo: Requirement 2 - Blur back and foreground, mid in focus

Birds were too fat to move and let me get really close and take some 'candids'. I think I was about a meter at most from them with a 50mm.
Photo: Requirement 4:

Initially I focused on the center of the plant, but it was pretty nasty, so I focused on the petals and left the center out of focus. Gave the composition a much stronger effect
Photo: Requirement 1,4:

I really liked this one because the bokeh gave the flower parts in the back more of a pastel feeling
Photo: Requirement 1,5:

There's always a need for courage. Didn't have a macro lens so took with a nifty-50 and had to crop afterwards. Increased contrast to bring out the lettering on the ring
Photo: Photo of setup. 50mm lens, ruler placed about 1m away at a 45 degree angle