CS178 Assignment 6 - Landscape and Nature
May 15, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 2:

There was severe lens flare as seen in the next photo. Used a combination of Content aware fill, and the spot healing brush to remove flared locations. I may have been a bit overzealous with it in some parts. I left the sun's rays in because I felt they gave the sun some definition rather than overexposing the entire sky.
Photo: Requirement 2:

As can be seen, the solar flares were severe and hitting key parts of the scene. the hilly areas were able to be removed using only content aware fill, while a mask should have been used for the tree vine instead of content aware fill..perhaps a saturation mask
Photo: Requirement 5: golden hour

I found a nice spot up on Page Mill (these people live on really really tall hills) and found a nice subject in the distance to take some shots of. As the sun was setting, it gave a nice lighting toward the side of the house.

F/16 was chosen as the accepted landscape aperture and since it was darker than than the picture implies, I had to boost the ISO. To bring out the house more, I increased the brightness and contrast .
Photo: Requirement 1: S curve

Another man-made S curve set against a natural backdrop. There were more subjects in this composition than I liked (i.e. stupid power lines) but the road was juxtaposed nicely against the natural elements.

Narrow aperture chosen to keep much of the photo in focus. Any suggestions for how to remove the tricky lens flares? Content aware and spot healing are definitely out of the question. Perhaps some kind of mask?
Photo: Requirement 4: Texture

On an overcast day, the clouds were a perfect texture against the bland blue sky. I cropped out trees, etc. and increased the contrast of the blues and darkened the centers of the clouds. 

I'm not sure what kind of clouds they are, but I chose them because they had a certain well defined structure to them but also had the whispy fringes against the sky.
Photo: Requirement 1:

SS curve. The edges of the road provided a 'natural' S curve, but I liked this photo because the dividing yellow line definitively sets a path for the eye to follow. 

It was relatively dark at the time--high iso, but I also wanted a large DOF--narrow aperture.
Photo: Requirement 4: Texture

This shot was a reflection of the tree/sky off a pretty dirty puddle. In the lower left you see those distortions and aberrations from the dirty water, which add to the bright sunny spot.

The photo was originally overexposed due to the bright sunlight so I decreased the brightness and increased the contrast.
Photo: Requirement 3:

"Something akin to the Two Walks of Life"
The dish presented a nice option for a panorama, splitting off into two paths and offering a central subject to split off of. 
The left path is brighter and calmer and the right is ominous. those walkers chose the wrong path :D

A narrow aperture placed most of the photo in focus and a higher iso was chosen to compensate and allow fast shooting without blurring of the walkers to the right.
Photo: Requirement 2,5: 

Literally, a golden hour. As the sun was setting, it provided good but not overly harsh light. As the camera was directed at the sun, I could get away with a high f/number and the exposure darkened most of the houses/trees/etc in the bottom quarter of the picture.

Next photo explains the photoshop process
Photo: Original

The photo's temp was decreased to bring out more 'blue' and the brightness was increased. Saturation and contrast were increased to dramatize the 'blue' of the sky vs the reddish sun, and a strong linear curve was used to further this difference.