CS178 Assignment 2 - Sports and Action
Apr 5, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 1

Couple freshmen were playing basketball and welcomed the 15 minutes of fame.

Took with a high shutter speed and wide aperture to capture the action and keep only main subjects in focus.
Photo: Requirement 1:

Wanted to show the players in their entirety. 

Used a narrower aperture to capture more of the background as well.
Photo: Requirement 3:

I wanted to give the feeling of motion by panning with the bicyclist through the shot.

The comparatively low exposure time + panning let me capture the biker but blur the background.

Random fact: Right after this, a LARGE raccoon ran and climbed up into the tree in the middle.
Photo: Requirement 2:

Testing out my new printer!

I took a long exposure (25 seconds) to capture the photo as it moved out of the printer and a couple seconds were left to capture the entire photo. The overall effect was a blurring of the foreground (subject).
Photo: Requirement 2:

This time I wanted to choose a 'moving' subject. I found the perfect picture of an old cafe racer motorcyclist and used another high duration exposure. The print length came up to about his head, which gave the rear of the subject a motion blurred feeling.
Photo: Requirement 2:

Another shot from a different angle. This shot shows more of his face. Similar set up to previous photo, the background is fixed but the foreground/subject prints into place
Photo: Requirement 4: 

Shot a burst of a biker at night. Had to horizontally reverse the image in photoshop to give a L-R direction.

As it was night, a high iso (i think 3200) was used with a wide aperture.