CS178 Assignment 1 - Bad Photos
Apr 3, 2011Public
Photo: Requirement 5

Was walking down California avenue, and took a picture of the sign. Though the sign breaks the rule of thirds, the buildings in view give the composition balance.

No processing done
Photo: Requirement 4:

Set up camera to take decently fast photo indoors of flowing water. Took multiple tries, and purposefully adjusted the white balance to give the cup and water an even bluer, cooler feel.
Photo: Requirement 1,2:

Placed led bike light onto wheel of inverted bicycle, turned down all lights and took a 15 second exposure as I spun the wheel.
Photo: Requirement 1,5:

Took picture of the 'level 4' button in elevator. Took multiple tries as the elevator kept closing on me. Little processing except to sharpen photo and bring out contrast more. Purposefully centered the photo as much as possible, breaking the traditional rule of thirds
Photo: Requirement 1,3:

Set autofocus to closest possible and with a low aperture for maximum bokeh'age, moved the lighter to a further distance.